San Diego State University Review (170)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Early Childhood Education, English / American Studies

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (170)

Very spontaneously I decided to do a semester abroad. With the help of MicroEdu, the application was no problem at all. Very helpful documents from MicroEdu accompany you effortlessly through the application process. With regular reminders and checklists, nothing can go wrong. If anything is unclear, you can contact MicroEdu by phone or email and you will quickly receive an answer. Because you have your contact person at MicroEdu, you can get started with the question immediately and don’t have to explain and wait until you are put through. I also found a very nice thing.┬áSee liuxers for vocational training in Cyprus.

I flew to San Diego in mid-August. For the first three nights I rented a room in the USA Hostel in the middle of downtown and was mainly busy during the day looking for apartments on This proved to be a bit difficult as many landlords do not respond to calls or emails. I also hoped to live with American students, which was also more difficult than I thought. Already on the third day we (4 Germans) were able to move into a house in a gated community about 4km away from the SDSU. The four of us paid $1800 a month for the house (3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 toilets, large living room, winter garden, small garden, garage). It was furnished, nicely decorated and our landlords always helped us when we had problems with the apartment. Apartments directly on the beach (Pacific Beach, Mission Beach), downtown or at the university cost around $1000 a month. And since pretty much everyone rents or buys a car in San Diego, it’s worth saving the $250-$300 a month and not living right on the beach or college. However, the best place to celebrate is at house or fraternity parties near the university or in student bars on the beach!

Getting around with public transport in San Diego is a bit cumbersome, sometimes not very reliable, which is why we decided to rent a car for 4 months (at sensitive car rentals about $500/month). With a car you can reach everything perfectly in a short time!

We never ran out of leisure activities in the four months. There is so much to see in San Diego and the surrounding area. If you don’t have time to travel before or after the semester, you will notice that San Diego is also a very good starting point to see even more of California. You can be in Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, etc. in 1.5-2 hours. By American standards, the distance to San Francisco via Highway 1 can also be easily covered in a few days, which you can also do during the semester can take time off. A day trip to the incredibly impressive Joshua Tree National Park is also very doable, the journey takes about 3-4 hours. It’s worth going to Las Vegas even for a weekend. The city of San Diego is very diverse. There are different beaches, historical sights, downtown, Balboa Park, Sea World, Zoo and and and. What I really liked was that you could clearly feel the proximity to Mexico, be it through Mexican food, holidays and traditions or Mexican American students.

This importance of the Mexicans was also clearly noticeable at the university. I took a course that dealt with the history, the culture and the problems that Mexican immigrants had to face and still have to face.
I was extremely satisfied with the range of courses. There was a wide range of great courses for my American Studies and Education departments. Since most internationals study business administration and not American Studies or educational sciences, it was no problem for me to crash the courses and I was able to take part in every course I chose without any problems. My advantage was that I was only in the courses with American students and was therefore always able to speak English in group work or in the classroom. The American professors take great care of their students and take their job as imparters of knowledge very seriously. In order to be able to get credit for courses at my German university, I sometimes had to provide other proofs of performance than those required by the American professors. And although this required more work for the American profs, it wasn’t a problem at all. Despite frequent performance records, compulsory attendance and a lot of compulsory reading, I found studying at the SDSU incredibly pleasant. And if you meet these regular requirements, you have a fair chance of getting good grades.
Technically and linguistically, I learned a lot at the university. However, the SDSU is very popular among German students and contact can hardly be avoided, which has not exactly promoted language development in their free time.

San Diego is a great city where you feel very safe and comfortable, SDSU has a great range of courses for my departments and in general the Californian lifestyle is simply recommendable!

Have fun!!

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