San Diego State University Review (174)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Communication Studies, Media Studies

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (174)

Overall I had a good time in San Diego, great weather, nice people and lots of fun. See liuxers for France higher education. Still, things could have gone better.

That’s why I’m now (only) writing the negative things or tips on how to do it better and what you should really pay attention to!!!

I advise everyone who wants to do a semester abroad to read on, because many mistakes can be avoided.

1, As a girl: Definitely buy a car or get together with people and get one. You can also rent cars relatively cheaply, the rental is called old dirt cheap cars (or something like that)
. I was in San Diego with a friend and we took the bus.
We actually had some very scary experiences there. In America every normal person has a car. Therefore, more than 50% of people on public transport are maniacs, prostitutes, drug addicts, associates.
I’m not particularly sensitive, but a lot of these people just don’t have any inhibitions. We were half beaten once because someone said that we looked funny (women) and not to mention the really unpleasant hit-ups by men (who don’t leave if they say NO, but sometimes become aggressive).
SO: BUY A CAR !!!!! (the connections with the bus etc. are also very bad)

-VERY IMPORTANT: You are not legally enrolled at the SDSU and have NO right to places in the courses you want.
In overcrowded subjects such as communication sciences or business administration, this can be a real problem. Americans who do not enroll in courses on time always have priority. The American Language Institute (the ALI) can’t really help either. If you urgently need any courses, it’s best to find out the professors first and email/call them. When you arrive, all Americans have signed up for the courses months ago and you only get what’s left. We thought that we would have to go home because we didn’t get a seat. Things then settled down, we were able to get 2 credits (which isn’t much either), but it was very exhausting and just hoping and worrying.

– Be sure to pack warm clothes.
In December it’s only 7-10 degrees

there – Most important internet address:
There you will find many shared rooms and also very cheap used furniture if you have to set yourself up

– I would personally recommend you to go to the beach live (Pacific Beach, Mission Beach)…there the night life is good and the whole thing is a small, open community!
It’s definitely nicer than at the university, the campus is nice, but there’s really no man’s land around it! In PB or MB you can walk to the bars, cafes, the sea and the supermarket

I wish everyone who drives a lot of fun!

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