San Diego State University Review (45)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Informatics, business informatics

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (45)

I decided to study abroad at San Diego State University because I always wanted to live the great American dream and experience the college lifestyle for myself. I definitely experienced this at San Diego State. See act-test-centers for cost of living in Paris.

Application process

The application process was very pleasant and easy for me, as there are lots of tips on the application process on the MicroEdu website. In addition, any questions I had were answered very quickly by e-mail or telephone. My acceptance from San Diego State took me about 12 days after I sent all the application documents to MicroEdu. Then I embarked on the big trip and went to San Diego.

Course choice

I would personally recommend everyone to fly to San Diego one to two weeks before the start of their studies in order to familiarize themselves with the area and, if necessary, to make initial contacts for their studies. In the first week when the course started, I had to register online for the courses. There are also one or two information events for exchange students beforehand, which explain how the whole thing works. After that you have about two to three weeks to look at different courses, which means sit down in the lecture and see if it’s a course for you. After the two to three weeks, you must definitely register for the course and can no longer change.


I’m studying business informatics at Furtwangen University and I only chose economic subjects. As a full-time student you must take courses totaling 12 credits choose to live in the United States of America. I also personally chose the Surfing course. Why Surf? That has nothing to do with your degree. I wanted to experience something new and keep fit. As for the course itself, this was definitely my favorite course and was a lot of fun. Once again on the subject of course selection, a site that evaluates professors using a rating system helped me. Here you enter the name of your professor and at which university he teaches, then you search for the course he teaches and look at the ratings/testimonials. So I was able to choose the right course with the right professor. I did that too, so I had a really pleasant semester with cool professors and really enjoyed going to the lectures. the On-site support was also very good. If I had any questions, I called the ALI office or stopped by in person. Otherwise, you will also receive numerous contact details from the information event at the beginning of the semester.


I have already looked for a flat or an apartment in Germany. Incidentally, I can also recommend doing this in Germany. Because there is nothing worse than standing at the airport with your luggage and not knowing where to go now. After a long journey you just want to go to your new home and go to bed or relax. I personally chose an apartment complex. Why? Here at BLVD 63 there are numerous international students from all over the world and most come here to study. Among other things, it is very easy to make new contacts here. I had a shared room, which means I shared my bedroom with my roommate. Rental costs were approximately $725 per month. You can find more information about the BLVD63 building complex on the Facebook page “BLVD63 Community” or on the official homepage. But the search for an apartment or accommodation is up to everyone who prefers to live in a house, but I was quite satisfied with the BLVD63. There was a large pool, large common room, study rooms, gym, etc.


Here are my favorite places and things to do at SDSU:

  • Main Dome: On the campus of San Diego State University there are many places to sit, where you can spend your lunch break very well. There are also many places to eat, Starbucks, etc. right on campus.
  • Viejas Arena: During the semester there were numerous basketball games. Definitely a very good atmosphere in the arena, free for SDSU students. There were also numerous prize draws during the basketball game each time. The main prize was a car. Among other things, the first 100 SDSU students received a T-shirt or a delicious ice cream with fruit (see picture).
  • San Diego Library in Market Square: There were various food stalls in Market Square every Thursday during the semester. As an SDSU student, sometimes you have to buy yourself something nice to eat.
  • La Jolla Beach: La Jolla Beach is approximately a 25-30 minute drive from San Diego State. A very great beach with sea lions on site. A good place for surfing/ sunset/ beach day.
  • Pacific Beach: Also a very good place to go for a beer in the evening. Very many bars next to each other. Also a very popular spot in San Diego to spend a day at the beach or play volleyball.
  • Sunset Cliffs – San Diego: A very nice place to go in the evening and watch the sunset.


Otherwise, I can recommend everyone to study at San Diego State. You should take a lot of money with you if you want to travel a lot or experience a lot in the USA.

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