San Diego State University Review (50)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: computer science

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (50)

One of the best times I’ve ever had!! The first time I lived in the OB Hostel, it was super funny, even if it was a bit weird, it’s just a matter of taste. Once a week there was free BBQ and free beer, where you also met nice people.┬áSee act-test-centers for 8 best universities in South Korea. I then moved into an (international) flat share on campus, I can only recommend it. Whole party hordes are out there from Thurs to Sat, often styled according to mottos, you have to take part!
Another university meeting point is the Irish Pub Effin with the notorious Steve Langdon;)
Otherwise you can still go out downtown and PB, curfew is already around half past one, but you get used to everything… In downtown I can recommend the Stingaree, it’s a super club with a great roof terrace. The House Of Blues often has very good live music, which can also be found at Blind Melons in PB.

The courses at the university (computer science) were great for me, since they are very practice-oriented in contrast to Germany, I was able to use them very well for my internships and exams here. What you should definitely take with you is the huge range of sports on offer. I’ve done everything from climbing, sailing, surfing to golf. You don’t have to sacrifice a credit for this, but you have to pay extra fees, which are really cheap compared to Germany ($60 for 1 semester of golf). The great thing about the sports courses is that it is very easy to meet people here. For example, after surfing we still went to the IN-N-OUT Burger with a few people from the course, a must by the way! College football and basketball games are also free for SDSU students.
Another tip, do a weekend trip with the Aztec Center (varsity gym), I went climbing at Joshua Tree and it was unforgettable! Campfire romance, nice people, fantastic landscape and one of the best climbing regions in the world…
Well, in short: I liked it so much that I can well imagine going back to SD to work : )

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