San Diego State University Review (54)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Business

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (54)

If you ask me how I did the semester abroad I find it difficult to say that everything was fine. Because it wasn’t always like that. I don’t want to give you the image that it’s going to be fun all the time. There will come a time when you start missing everything at home. It was the first time for me to be away from home for so long, which is why I often missed my family, my girlfriend, my friends and my dog ​​- with all their rough edges. Even the bad-tempered people and the cold of my dreary city of Hamburg. Suddenly I started appreciating everything too. Of course things will continue to bother me, such as the rain and the cold in Hamburg. However, you learn to accept it, because after a semester abroad you realize that there is always something to complain about, no matter where you are.One of the most important insights I gained from this semester abroad was that there is no place more beautiful than at home. My friends with whom I spoke about it have had the same experience. However, we all agreed that the semester abroad was the best decisionbeen that we could ever have met. It’s an experience that will enrich your life, provided – as the Americans like to say – you approach it with an open mind. Then you will get to know new people and their ways of seeing, thinking and living. That broadened my horizon enormously and helped me in my development. I don’t want to anticipate all the experiences you will have with my experience report. So I’ll start with a few tips. See act-test-centers for Turkey higher education.

The first problem you will face is the location. Beach or near the university? I would recommend you near the university. Aside from the fact that I think house parties are better near college, you don’t have to get a car to get anywhere from the beach to college. Even if you and your friends rent or buy a car together, you’ll need to have roughly the same schedule to go there and back together. Of course, living on the beach also has many advantages, such as the beautiful sunsets or the great bars. However, I didn’t have to do without it. In my free time, I just take the trolley or a Car2go to the beachhazards. No matter what you choose, both have their pros and cons. Only you have to decide for yourself which lifestyle you feel more like.

I lived in the Sterling Alvarado apartment complex. It was only a trolley stop or a 20-minute walk from the university. Mostly students lived there, which suited me very well. Therefore, despite the night’s rest from 10 p.m., there were many house parties, some of which were positive. Since it felt like most Germans lived in Pacific or Mission Beach, I was surrounded by mostly non-German students. That was very important to me because I wanted to get to know people from other parts of the world. That was the reason why I told Sterling Alvarado from the start that I didn’t want to live with anyone who spoke German. Most of the Germans I met there either came to America in a group or just made German friends there. I can only advise you against as this alone will not improve your English as much as it would if you were forced to speak English to your roommates every day. So I gota Spaniard from Madrid, an American from Montana and another American from San Diego as roommates. An important tip on the side – don’t lend anyone money there!

Next to the Sterling Alvarado is the Blvd63, which is admittedly better equipped and doesn’t cost significantly more than the Sterling Alvarado. However, I found the Sterling Alvarado more comfortable. It was probably also because I had a cool room and mostly great roommates. However, before you should sign any contract, I would recommend you to look at both apartment complexes. As far as I know, these are the only two large (!) apartment complexes near the university.

Financially, you should expect $1,000-$1,500 a month. Of course it depends on your room (shared or single room) and your lifestyle.

The Americans themselves are a strange but friendly people. Every culture and its values ​​and norms have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you will notice negative things, but also positive things. It’s best to get a picture of it yourself.

What I really want to recommend to you is surfing ! Even if you already know how to surf a little, I would recommend the surf course from the university because you will meet a lot of new people there. I enjoyed surfing the most during my semester abroad. Go to surf lessons regularly and you will see what I mean!

Also try to travel as much as possible. I still regret not having traveled to many places, such as Yosemite National Park. But I was in Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, New York and the Grand Canyon. Of these places, I can recommend the Grand Canyon and New York the most. Save so much money that you can take everything with you, because America is noticeably more expensive. If you miss this opportunity, you will most likely regret it.

If my experience report still hasn’t convinced you or even unsettled you, I can only tell you – just risk it! We are young and should take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to us. I did it and I can tell you it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

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