San Diego State University Review (7)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (7)


I can warmly recommend a semester abroad to every student. It was by far one of the best decisions of my life to do a semester abroad. I can also recommend San Diego and California, it really was an unforgettable six months from A to Z. Anyone who has the opportunity to spend a semester or two abroad should definitely do so. See anycountyprivateschools for University of California Riverside Study Abroad.

Selection of the country/university:

Before my adventure abroad could start, however, I had to, or rather I was allowed to, decide on a country and a university. For me personally, stability, security, quality of life and climate in the country were very important. Since the USA has always fascinated me, the choice of the USA was clear to me relatively quickly. Since the climate on the West Coast in California is very pleasant almost all year round, I chose the city of San Diego. San Diego is less hectic than Los Angeles, for example.

The individual universities and the required TOEFL points can be seen on the MicroEdu homepage. MicroEdu not only helps you via the homepage, but can also provide you with information by e-mail or telephone.

Application process:

The application process via MicroEdu is really easy and not complicated. As students, we don’t even have to get in touch with San Diego State University (SDSU), MicroEdu does it all.

First we fill out the entire application form and email it to MicroEdu in advance. The study advisor will then check your application and give you feedback. After receiving the feedback, you send the application documents physically to MicroEdu. They will then contact the university there directly. After a few weeks you will find out from your study advisor at MicroEdu whether you have been accepted.

If the result is positive, you will then receive your I-20 form, issued by the University of San Diego. You can then use this form to apply for your F-1 student visa at the embassy (this is purely a formality, by the way).


Since I am completing my studies in Switzerland part-time, I “only” had to take as many courses at SDSU as I would have had to take at my home school. At San Diego State University, you must select 2 special courses and 2 “regular” courses from the regular university offering. You will finalize the special courses before your departure (day and time are already given). You will also receive support from MicroEdu with this registration.

I had to have my school confirm the choice of the other two courses beforehand so that the courses would be credited to my school in Switzerland.

I have chosen the following courses at SDSU:

  • Direct Marketing with Prof. Lance Hoffmann
  • Human Resource Management with Prof del Castillo
  • Money & Banking with Prof. Steven Rockland
  • Finance with Prof. Andrei Andreev

Direct Marketing was by far the best course I took. The lecturer has his own company together with his wife and has often accompanied the lessons with examples from his own company. I can highly recommend this course.

Out of the other courses, HR was a bit disappointing for me. We spent a very long time researching the different laws of the US, which was interesting for us international students, but got a bit tedious over time (we were only international students in the class).

Leisure and excursion possibilities:

As far as leisure and excursion options are concerned, I can highly recommend San Diego. Since the weather is very pleasant all year round, there is also a lot to do outside. For example, I benefited a lot from the sporting activities at the university. Many offers are included in the tuition fee (racquetball, tennis, fitness, intramural sports such as soccer, etc.). San Diego is also a paradise for surfers and golfers.

Other cities “nearby” are also very easy to reach from San Diego. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are relatively quick by car (by American standards, driving time 2 or 4.5 hours). The west coast is also a great address for ice hockey fans with the San Diego Gulls (AHL) or with the nearby clubs Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks (both NHL). College football games were also a once in a lifetime experience.


I traveled to San Diego with a fellow student from Switzerland. That’s why we looked for accommodation together. We didn’t decide to stay at the university itself, but rented accommodation in the “Pacific Beach” district for the whole time. We came across the accommodation via Airbnb and then asked the property management directly and thus concluded a rental agreement.


In conclusion, I can only say that San Diego was the perfect choice for my semester abroad. The university was modern and well organized, the people were very upbeat and friendly, and the atmosphere was always pleasant and warm.

I can really recommend a semester abroad to everyone, it was an unforgettable adventure from A to Z, which I would do again at any time.

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