San Diego State University Review (73)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (73)

I rate the last 5 months as follows…..
Pro arguments for the semester abroad at San Diego State University:

The university actually offers the best framework conditions for a semester abroad! I had great support from the professors, you could go to the library 24 hours a day, endless PC pools, WiFi anywhere and anytime, numerous supermarkets and food places on campus, 24-hour internal university gym (very modern) + numerous modern sports facilities for football, Baseball, tennis, climbing, etc… from march ’07 inauguration of a huge pool area!┬áSee anycountyprivateschools for Croatia higher education.

The lecture materials are very good. However, books are very expensive (about $100 per book) and mostly unavoidable! (But there are usually cheaper used books in the bookstore!)

Of course, the climate is also a big bonus in Southern California! You always enjoy summer temperatures, although it can get colder in the winter months when it gets dark! A paradise for surfers! (However, the water temperature is relatively cold)

Furthermore, with the “Sunshine State” California you can enjoy countless tourist highlights! Los Angeles is only an hour and a half away, Las Vegas is about a 5 hour drive and San Francisco is about an 11 hour drive! Mexico, which can be reached within 20 minutes by trolley (“tram”), also offers many starting points for those who love to travel! There are also numerous national parks in California.
Hawaii is also a very popular travel destination, as you can find deals online for as little as $200 round-trip.

Those who like to go shopping will get their money’s worth in the famous “outlets”!

Since in the USA you are dependent on a car in any case, the gas prices are a real plus! One tank of gas: about $20!

Versatile nightlife! There are a number of bars and clubs in Pacific Beach affordable for everyone! And those who prefer to go out in the evening in a more chic way will get their money’s worth in the downtown clubs.

Negative arguments for the semester abroad at San Diego State University:

DEFINITELY the “Crashing Courses”!! Unfortunately, it is not possible to enroll in the courses in advance via the Internet, but you have to run to all possible courses in the first 3 weeks of the semester and try to get one of the much sought-after course places! Really an ugly thing! You then sometimes go to 7 lectures in one day, and the professor usually only makes an unfair decision after a week (because he wants to wait and see whether “his” Americans who were enrolled in advance have actually changed their mind!) Actually, this procedure is a huge absurdity compared to the foreign students, because they pay 3 times more in tuition than the Americans!

Unfortunately, I have to say afterwards that there really were too many Germans on campus/in the courses! If I had the opportunity to do a semester abroad again, I would rather choose a university with fewer German fellow students!

Unfortunately, I also have to rate the encounters with the American Language Institute negatively! Often the workforce has been very incompetent, most of the time you are sent from one counter to another where you have to pay fees again, and a lot of time is always wasted! Almost like a bad administration!

All in all, I gave the San Diego study abroad program high marks! After careful consideration of the pros and cons, I am of the opinion that the positives clearly outweigh the negative ones! I had a wonderful time in California and would travel there again in a heartbeat! (If unfortunately the tuition fees weren’t too high!)

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