San Diego State University Review (89)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: marketing

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (89)


Studying was very easy compared to Germany. You’re learning more continuously, but the mid-term and finals aren’t really exhausting. With a day of preparation, they are easy to pass. In addition, group work at its finest is announced. The university is just huge, I haven’t seen everything in six months. There are lots of green areas, palm trees, ponds… Sport is also very popular at the SDSU. You have a variety of options here. A basketball game at the university’s own arena is mandatory. A bomb atmosphere! Definitely take a surfing course. The legendary water sport is super awesome! Unfortunately, there are a lot of Germans at the university. You keep hearing German. That was what bothered me the most about my stay.┬áSee existingcountries for 10 best medical schools in Europe.

From Germany, looking for courses at the SDSU from the course catalog that roughly correspond to the German ones involves a lot of work. I was unlucky that I went to San Diego first from my university in Germany and therefore had to do a lot and often had to consult with the professors and staff there. On site, however, I was lucky with the courses. Already in the first week I had two courses that I definitely had to/wanted to do and I was also in the other two courses within the first week. I was able to plan my courses so that I only had lessons on Mondays/Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


A really great organization I have to say. Very helpful and just there for the preparations.


I would advise everyone to live in either PB (Pacific Beach) or MB (Mission Beach). At uni you have the advantage of being right upstairs and not having to drive to uni, but you are a 20 minute drive to the beach and the best bars/clubs in San Diego. It’s about the same distance to downtown. However, the “typical” surfer beach life naturally takes place on the beach in PB. I looked for an apartment locally. Apartments are generally very expensive. My apartment complex: At the university there are almost exclusively house parties. If you are >=21 live in PB, under 21 I would not go to the USA.


In PB you can party 7 days a week. Of course always take the Tacco Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday, Funny Friday & co with you! In general, partying in PB is quite cheap. Downtown is a bit more expensive, but if you go there with a party bus you can skip the queue and it’s $10-$20 including the ride and admission!


You have a lot of free time, among other things, because you don’t have to do much at the university! Definitely try to take everything with you in half a year. Go to a San Diego Chargers (football) game or even the Padres with a $30 all-you-can-eat/all-you-can-drink ticket.


I flew to San Diego about a month before the start of my studies and the three of us made a three-week tour of California/Nevada/Arizona. If you have the time, definitely try to do something like this and if possible before the start of your studies. During the semester it is worth going to LA for a weekend. The beaches there are just amazing. About Helloween, Santa Barbara is an absolute must! What happened there is indescribable. In any case, Las Vegas is an absolute must for a weekend getaway, for example over Thanksgiving or even on a normal weekend! Party there is only with an entrance fee of at least $50 – earn it yourself! =)
After the end of our studies, we flew to Hawaii with 5 boys for 25 days. We took three islands, New Year’s Eve and a skydive! If you’re over on the West Coast for the price, you can definitely treat yourself to Hawaii after such a strenuous semester and all that learning! =)
I flew to Germany via New York with a 5-day layover. New York is definitely worth it. It’s a completely different world than San Diego or the West Coast in general.


An account with the DKB. You can withdraw cash there free of charge worldwide! Rent a car at Dirt-Cheap-Car! The price/performance ratio is right and you don’t have to worry about anything. Enter the USA as early as possible and leave as late as possible. You will regret every day that you have not been there. The weather is the upper hammer. In San Diego on December 27th/28th it was 27┬░ again and shorts and t-shirts are the norm for half a year. You can also lie down on the beach or play beach volleyball on some days in November/December.

I promise you won’t regret your stay and will miss San Diego shortly after your arrival in Germany!

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