San Diego State University Review (96)

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: linguistics

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University Review (96)

Since I am studying to become a teacher in English and German and English has always been a passion of mine, it has always been my biggest dream to study in the USA for a semester. Since US places at my university are very limited and I’ve always wanted to go to California, MicroEdu was the perfect fit for me. With the application for the spring semester 2015, everything was pretty easy and everything went smoothly. The CoCo Girls were always on hand to answer any questions!┬áSee existingcountries for vocational training in Germany.

After completing the application, everything happened pretty quickly. Book a flight, look for an apartment, choose a course, etc.

I booked my flight to San Diego in July. Since I didn’t know exactly when and from where in the USA I wanted to fly back, I only secured a one-way flight. It was clear to me that I wanted to be in San Diego some time before the semester started so that I could really settle in and settle in a bit. That’s exactly how I did it, the university started on January 21st and I arrived in SD on January 1st. So it was super relaxed to be able to explore the area, make first acquaintances and just enjoy your free time.

It was also clear to me from the start that I wanted to clarify everything about housing from Germany so that I wouldn’t have any stress when I was looking for a room. I can only recommend this because you can then arrive in SD with peace of mind and can move into your room straight away. My room was in one of the many apartment complexes in the college area. I can therefore only recommend Blvd63. You live there in shared flats, have a large pool, fitness, shuttle to the university, and every luxury you can imagine! What is also an advantage compared to private houses: You get to know many different people, be it at the numerous house parties or simply at a barbecue or at the pool, all your friends then live in the same complex.

Exactly, because at first you always have concerns about not making friends: No worries! It all happens by itself! Most come without knowing anyone beforehand, so don’t worry!

On the subject of cars: I didn’t have a car myself and had planned it that way. But since everything is very different in America than it is here, getting from A to B is much more extensive and difficult without a car, it can make sense to buy a car. Sure, there is public transport, but unlike in Germany, a journey that takes 20 minutes by car takes one to one and a half hours in America by bus and train! In the college area, you can walk to the university if necessary, but it takes more than an hour to get to the beach, for example (by bus). I was lucky that a friend bought a car in January. Gradually you got to know more and more people with cars. So if you want to be totally independent, a car would be a pretty good investment! A little tip: Before you buy a car yourself, it might make sense to rent one for five people. If you meet friends and always travel together anyway, this option would be cheaper and less stressful. Unfortunately we missed this point in time.

On the subject of money: groceries and general living expenses are much more expensive than in Germany. So don’t let your credit card bill shock you! Set a high limit! For a purchase that you wouldn’t even have paid 5 euros for here in Germany, you can add up to 10 to 15 dollars in the USA. But don’t let that spoil your mood. On the other hand, everything seems super cheap back in Germany.

Unfortunately, once all the organizational stuff is done, the semester goes by far too quickly. So, enjoy every single moment! Do everything you can do. Travels a lot! A little tip: Try to do lots of small trips to see everything you want to see during the semester, as time is often running out in the end.

Last but not least, a few things about the university and the courses:

With the choice of course and the crashing, everything went smoothly for me. I thought the university was great! You just have to get used to the American style, which is sometimes so different from ours. Let yourself be surprised;) The courses are often much easier than ours in terms of level, so don’t be afraid to choose a higher-ranked course.

Finally: Sure, learning is important, and the university is the main reason why you go abroad. BUT don’t let the university stress you out too much, take everything relaxed and easy like the people in Cali and don’t see everything so narrowly.

All in all, the semester and the time in San Diego was just awesome ! I envy every single person who has this time ahead of them, enjoy every moment of it!

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