Sights of Athens, Greece

According to Bit Translators, Athens is the capital and by far the largest city in Greece. The bustling metropolis of five million inhabitants has a very long history. Ancient Athens is seen as the foundation of Western civilization. A number of historic buildings date from ancient times that are the reason for many to book a city trip to Athens. Those who visit Athens will see that most of the city has little to do with the old capital. Most of the busy streets are lined with buildings from recent centuries. Tourists who visit Athens do so mainly because of the rich history of the city and the status that Athens used to have.

Top 10 Things to Do in Athens

#1. Parthenon on the Acropolis
On the 156 meter high table mountain Acropolis, the Parthenon towers high above the city. This temple was once built for Athena Parthenos, the patron goddess of the city. Other special buildings in this religious center of the city are: the Nike Temple, the Propylaea and the Erechtheion.

#2. National Archaeological Museum
This museum was built in 1866 with the aim of safeguarding Ancient Greek art and other archaeological finds. The most special piece is the bronze statue Poseidon of Artemision. Other unusual finds include corpse masks, gold pitchers, bronze knives, jewelry and crystal.

#3. Syntagma
Square In 1834, this square was built at the most busy intersection of the city of Athens. The Greek Parliament is housed here in the former palace that was built in 1836. Between 1924 and 1929 it was temporarily a museum and hospital. The building with the name Vouli, is fairly sober but enormous in size. This square is probably the most famous square in Athens. If there are demonstrations, it happens here.

#4. Plaka district
This is probably the most pleasant district of Athens. It has a lot to offer for the tourists. You will find more than enough eateries, cozy terraces and sights such as ‘Tower of Winds’, some small museums and parts of the Roman Agora. You should not expect too much from the shops in this area. Most sell the same knick knacks for mostly the same prices. The narrow streets, mostly with the Acropolis in the background, give you the feeling of the old Athenian good life.

#5. Eleftheríou Venizélou (Panepistimíou)
This very busy avenue has a number of historic buildings in predominantly neo-classical style. You will find the National Library, the house of Heinrich Schliemann which now houses the numismatic museum, the University of Athens and the beautiful Cathedral of St. Dionysios.

#6. Ruins Olympieion
Here you can find the remains of the Temple of Zeus, king of the Olympian gods. Construction began in 515 BC and was not completed until the second century AD. At that time it was even the largest temple in Greece. From the Acropolis you have a beautiful view over this historic part of the city.

#7. Covered central market Varvakios Agora
In the shopping street Athínas there are two 19th century market halls where every day (except Sunday) all kinds of regional products and other delicacies are for sale. The conviviality of such a market shows you how people think about food. There is taste, negotiation and finally the purchase is made. It is recommended to wear closed shoes. The fish department can be quite wet and dirty.

#8. Cathedral St. Dionysios
On the corner of Eleftheriou Venizelou (Panepistimíou) is this Catholic church from the 19th century. Although the original design was even more outspoken, it has been kept a bit simpler here and there due to the moderate financial resources. Inside, the church is beautifully decorated with mosaics and mostly icons that were offered by wealthy families.

#9. Ethnikós Kípos
Behind the large Greek government building lies the green heart of the city. This city park is a resting point in busy Athens. In addition to numerous resting places, the park has some small sights such as a few columns, ruins and some busts of celebrities such as Dionysios Solomos, Aristotelis Valaoritis and Capodistrias. The beautiful ponds and fountains in this 16-hectare park give that touch of romance that makes you dream away. South of this park you will also find the ‘Hadrian’s Gate’ which is said to have separated the old and new Athens.

#10. Theater of Dionysos
On the southern slope of the Acropolis is the Theater of Dionysos. Often satirical dramas were depicted here with dance and music performances. The theater was also used for religious celebrations, some of which lasted several days. It is a beautifully preserved piece of Greek history.

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Athens, Greece

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