Sights of Flanders, Belgium

In Flanders there are many beautiful sights. We have selected ten of them for you in the list below. This is just a small selection of what this beautiful Belgian region has to offer. There are beautiful large cities and picturesque small villages. In the western part of Flanders lies the Flemish coastal region, which is particularly popular in the summer months. For those who want to have a fun or educational day, go to one of the many museums or to one of the fun amusement parks in the Flemish region. Every year Flanders also celebrates the high mass of cycling, the Tour of Flanders. This cycling round is mainly held in the Flemish Ardennes.

Top 10 Flanders Attractions

#1. Antwerp
According to topschoolsintheusa, Antwerp is the capital of the province of the same name, it is the largest city in Flanders. More than half a million people live in the city. Antwerp is one of the nicest cities in Belgium and has been a popular weekend destination for the Dutch for years. This is not surprising when you consider what Antwerp has to offer. The Meir has been known for years as one of the nicest shopping streets in Belgium. Also in the streets near the Meir there are many nice unique shops. But Antwerp has more, how about several nice museums such as the Mas, the Museum of Fine Arts and park Middelheim.

#2. Flemish coast
Every year the Flemish coast is a popular summer holiday destination for many Belgian and Dutch people. Some of the nicest tourist places in Flanders can be found on the Flemish coast. Think of the fashionable Knokke, Blankenbergen, Koksijde, Ostend, de Haan and de Panne. The Flemish coast stretches from the Dutch Zwin to the French Dunkerque. In between are some of the most beautiful sandy beaches. Some of these beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag. This quality mark is intended for the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the world.

#3. Bruges
Bruges is the largest city and the capital of the province of West Flanders. The beautiful historic center of the city was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. Partly because of this, Bruges is one of the most important tourist attractions in Belgium. In the Middle Ages, Bruges was one of the most important and influential cities in northwestern Europe. During this period it was one of the largest cities in this part of Europe. The Town Hall, the Belfry, the Cross Gate, the Basilica of the Holy Blood, the Church of Our Lady and the Beguinage are lasting memories of this period. The Groeninge Museum and the Gruuthuse Museum are the city’s most important museums.

#4. Ghent
Beautiful Ghent is one of the largest and nicest cities in Flanders and Belgium. Ghent is located in the province of East Flanders, of which it is also the capital. It is an old city that originated in the Celtic period at the confluence of the Scheldt and the Lys. Much of the city’s long history can still be found in the historic center of the city. Think of the Belfry Tower, St Bavo’s Cathedral, the Castle of the Counts, the Prinsenhof and the old buildings on Graslei and Korenlei. Ghent is also a particularly attractive city for coastal lovers. The most famous museums in the city are the SMAK, the STAM, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Design museum Gent. Every year the Ghent Festivities are held in Ghent. This multi-day festival is one of the largest parties organized in Flanders.

#5. Kalmthoutse Heide
Of the various nature reserves that you can visit in Flanders, the Kalmthoutse Heide is perhaps the most beautiful. Here you can walk through many hectares of heathland, grasslands, sand drifts and along fens. The Kalmthoutse Heide is located between Antwerp and the border with the Netherlands. Thanks to the excellent maintenance and the great walking routes that have been laid out here, a visit to the Kalmthoutse Heide is a wonderful outing for those who want to relax through a varied nature reserve. If you pay attention, you will be able to see different animals walking, flying and swimming. If you are lucky you will spot deer or a real fox. For that you often have to look for the edges of the day, because it is quieter with visitors then.More info about the Kalmthoutse Heide

#6. Technopolis
The Technopolis can be found in the Flemish city of Mechelen. The Technopolis is a fun educational activity center for science and technology. The center opened its doors for the first time in 2000. The center has since grown into one of the most important scientific centers in Belgium. The center mainly focuses on children. They work according to the method I see so I remember and I do so I understand. Throughout the center children can perform various experiments and in this way come into contact with science in a fun way. In total, there are more than 350 different scientific exhibits distributed throughout the center.

#7. The Flemish Ardennes
The Flemish Ardennes are a hilly region in the southern part of the province of East Flanders. There are a few places in this region that will sound familiar to every cycling enthusiast. Several cycling races are held throughout the year in the towns of Oudenaarde, Geraardsbergen, Ronse, Zottegem and Kluisbergen. The highest hill in the Flemish Ardennes is the Hotondberg with 145 meters. Other well-known hills in this area are the Kluisberg, Oudenberg, Kattenberg, the Eikenberg, the Koppenberg, the Patersberg and of course the Wall of Geraardsbergen. Every year the final of the Tour of Flanders is held in this area.

#8. Bobbejaanland
The Bobbejaanland amusement park is located between Herentals and Kasterlee near the town of Lichtaard. The amusement park was founded in 1961 by the Belgian singer Bobbejaan Schoepen. After a long international career, he was looking for a permanent place for his performances. In the first years Bobbejaanland mainly consisted of a large theater with a swimming pond and a beach. In this room all the great Flemish artists such as Will Tura, Louis Neefs and Rocco Granata. From the 1970s, several attractions were built in the park, after which it grew into the popular amusement park it is today.

#9. Leuven
Leuven is a large student city in the province of Flemish Brabant of which it is also the capital. The city was founded in the eighth century AD and at the same time the first churches in the city were built. Much of Leuven’s long history can still be found in the historic center of the city. Think of the historic town hall, the beguinage, the Sint-Pieterskerk and the beautiful houses on the Grote Markt. The beautiful Museum M can also be found in the city. The entertainment area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLeuven is mainly concentrated around the area around the Grote Markt. This market is a succession of different bars and is therefore also called the longest bar in the world. The main shopping streets of Leuven are Bondgenotenlaan and Diestestraat. There are also many nice shops in the Tiensestraat and the Mechelsestraat.

#10. In Flanders Fields Museum
The “in Flanders Field Museum” is located in the Flemish city of Ypres. The museum is located in the former cloth halls of the city. The museum tells the terrible story of the trench warfare in Belgium. The museum is named after the poem “in flanders field” by John McCrae who wrote this poem in the trenches. In 2012, the museum underwent a thorough renovation and today the museum has been completely adapted to today’s wishes. The museum emphasizes the personal stories and suffering of the soldiers who had to fight at the front.

Flanders, Belgium

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