Smartwatch Of Tag Heuer Arrives To Brazil Costing R $7,200

The Tag Heuer watches manufacturer is launching in Brazil the Connected, its smartwatch deluxe. The gadget was announced in the United States still in December last year for US $1,500 (about R $4,800 without taxes). This way, the smart watch is nothing cheap and goes out for R $7,200.
The product made a lot of success abroad. Over there, he had his 100,000 units produced exhausted in a few days. And it is precisely for this success that Tag has decided to produce a new worldwide batch of appliances, this time with 200,000 units. Some of them will be sold here in Brazil, but only in two São Paulo shops.
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The clock arrives with Android Wear operating system that is compatible with Android smartphones above version 4.3 or from IOS 8.2 with Wi-Fi connection. The processor is an Intel Atom Z34XX with 1.6 GHz that is assisted by 1GB RAM.
The hardware settings still include 4 GB internal storage and 410 MAh battery that delivers about 30 hours of autonomy, but without wireless loading. Finally, the LCD screen is made with sapphire crystal with 46mm offers resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and 248 ppi.
It is not waterproof, but it is resistant against aquatic accidents–and also against dust–thanks to IP67 protection.