State University of New York (SUNY) Binghamton – School of Management

As one of the world top MBA programs that offer one year degree of Master of Business Administration, State University of New York (SUNY) Binghamton – School of Management delivers its courses through classroom in a part-time base. This page provides major areas of study, financial information and physical location of State University of New York (SUNY) Binghamton – School of Management – Vestal, New York. Also, you will find school official website, email address, and contact phone number of State University of New York (SUNY) Binghamton – School of Management.

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Executive MBA (1 year)

Program Detail

Program Name Executive MBA
Program Overview
Areas of Study
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
Joint Degree Offered No
Delivery Format Classroom
GMAT Score GMAT Accepted
Tuition & Fees Total Program: USD 55,500.
Financial Aid Availability Financial aid available, contact school for more information
Start Dates &
Application Deadlines
Start Date Application Date
9/19/2014 4/1/2014

This program accepts rolling admissions.

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Major Areas of MBA Study Part II

Finance, Accounting and Controlling
Control measures are important, especially in the finance area. The acquired know-how supports the maintenance of solvency, the maximization of the value of equity claims, but also the coordination of investment and financing decisions. Accounting is often also referred to as accounting and is primarily concerned with the systematic recording, monitoring and informational consolidation of the cash and service flows resulting from the operational service process.

General Management
A general management degree primarily provides well-founded specialist knowledge for managers. In addition to deepening the existing basic economic knowledge in theory, this course attaches great importance to the practical relevance and the internationality of the teaching topics. You will be intensively prepared for a wide range of tasks in the areas of marketing, sales, finance and management so that you can later take on responsible management positions.

Healthcare (nursing / health care system)
This course of study is about an extremely complex subject area that deals with systems for health care and health maintenance. Healthcare is concerned with a wide range of topics, such as needs, equality of opportunity, the affordability of services in the healthcare system, performance and also profitability.

Human Resources (Personnel Management)
This course focuses on people as capital. In addition to a sound management knowledge, this course teaches methods and instruments of modern personnel management and organizational development. The integration of emotional intelligence and social competence plays an essential role. By completing a health-related course, you can expand your medical and business knowledge and increase the efficiency of the provision of services. Some programs focus on hospital management and control.

Industrial Engineering (Industrial and Engineering)
This department is engaged in a work area in which it comes to the design, planning and optimization of processes of services and more broadly with engineering methods. The implementation always deals with the area of ​​work design. Accordingly, the associated degree programs contain course content from both the fields of engineering and management.

Industrial Management
With this study program you learn to understand company organizations in their entirety and to be able to efficiently align your own actions accordingly. The course contents mainly relate to production, purchasing, sales and product development. The study program is ideally suited for the further training of managers at the interface between people, technology and organization.

Info / Media / Design
During this course, media enthusiasts and creative people gain extensive specialist knowledge. The aim is to gain sound business management and legal knowledge about the different structures and functions of media markets and media companies. Practical relevance has high priority and helps to successfully bring the existing knowledge into the media design process. New media technologies are increasingly characterized by interactivity. New media courses not only deal with current topics related to the information society, but also the most diverse communication developments and how to use new media in a success-oriented manner.

Innovation Management
This course comes from the field of technology management and deals with the planning and development of new technologies as a rather application or market-distant phase in the entire innovation process. Innovation management covers all processes up to the market launch of new products ready for series production as well as the use of new production processes.

International Management
This degree is a kind of extension of business administration and deals with all processes related to the management of international organizations. It can also be viewed as teaching the design, management and development of purpose-oriented social systems.

IT / Computer
Studies in the field of information technology are always very practical and application-oriented. The course contents include project management, software engineering, business informatics and software technology. With this study program, IT managers and IT consultants can expand in the best possible way.

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