Technische University Muenchen Executive Program in Innovation & Business Creation

As one of the world top MBA programs that offer one year degree of Master of Business Administration, Technische University Muenchen Executive Program in Innovation & Business Creation delivers its courses through classroom in a part-time base. This page provides major areas of study, financial information and physical location of Technische University Muenchen Executive Program in Innovation & Business Creation – Munich, Germany. Also, you will find school official website, email address, and contact phone number of Technische University Muenchen Executive Program in Innovation & Business Creation.

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Executive Program in Innovation & Business Creation (1 year)

Program Detail

Program Name Executive Program in Innovation & Business Creation
Program Overview
Areas of Study
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Other: Opportunity Recognition, Business Design, Purchasing
Joint Degree Offered No
Delivery Format Classroom
GMAT Score GMAT Accepted
Tuition & Fees Total Program: EUR 28,000
Financial Aid Availability No
Start Dates &
Application Deadlines
Start Date Application Date

This program accepts rolling admissions.

Upcoming Events
Program Size
Work Experience Average: 9 Years
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MBA Studies in Germany

If you are interested in studying for an MBA in Germany, you should know that the courses available are often very regionally dependent. The offer includes around 300 programs on average. It is offered at universities, technical universities and technical colleges, art colleges and colleges. These are either state, state-recognized or privately run. Almost 70 percent of the MBA programs offered in Germany can be studied part-time. The number of postgraduate MBA and master programs is steadily increasing.

The classic focus of an MBA

As a rule, an MBA degree in Germany deals with general management. In many cases, however, universities, colleges and business schools offer special subjects. These include, for example, healthcare management, logistics or international management. There are also many other focal areas such as IT, technology, organizational management, consulting, financial management, human resource management, sports management or tourism management. The frequently offered specialization in the field of health management is also striking.

The internationality is increasing

Another trend is that the content of the study programs offered at German universities and colleges is becoming increasingly international. It does not matter whether it is an MBA or another master. A third of the studies offered in Germany are now taught in English. Of course, this also attracts more and more students from all over the world. However, there are also many bilingual programs, which make up about half of the courses on offer. Most of these programs are held in German and English.

There is also the option of combining the language of instruction German with another language such as Spanish. This internationalization is also reflected in a change in the origin of the students. In 90% of the courses offered there is at least 1 student from abroad.

Quality that is recognized worldwide

The schools located in Germany also have an excellent position when it comes to the quality of their studies. You do not have to shy away from the global comparison. The Mannheim Business School, ESMT Berlin, HHL Leipzig or WHU Vallendar are among the most competitive with the international top business schools , which are very well placed internationally.

One of the special features of the German MBA programs is the high proportion of specialized programs. About a quarter are general management programs, and the reverse is true in the United States and rest of Europe.

An extensive selection of MBA and master programs

Below you will find an overview of the MBA schools in Germany and their diverse range of MBA study programs. To search for a special program, please select your desired field of study on the homepage. Then use the search filters shown to individually narrow the list of results.

Many of these schools also offer different master’s programs (for example with a M.Sc. and MA).

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