The Difference Between PGDM & MBA

Many autonomous business schools in India offers a Post Graduate Diploma in management or PGDM. In many countries, accredited universities and their affiliated colleges offer a Master of Business Administration, or MBA. Both programs attract recent graduates as well as people with professional experience and covers the same subject areas. But PGDM and MBA programs use different fields of study approaches.

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An MBA is more widely recognized than a PGDM as a qualification in business administration and management studies by many employers or institutions of higher education. But this realization also depends on the reputation and ranking of the institution itself. Some higher rated institutions that offer a PGDM get more recognition than a lower ranked University that offers an MBA. Doctoral programs recognizes an MBA for recording, while they will not accept a PGDM.

Study Duration

MBA program for full-time students will run for two years, although this varies in the different countries, and depends on the length of the internship period. The duration of a PGDM corresponds to an MBA in most cases. But as self-governing institutions offering PGDM, they adjust the duration according to the internships of the students. MBA programs are often more strict, and can take more than two years for part-time work, long-distance and executive students.


The purpose of an MBA-program syllabus is on theoretical aspects and managerial studies rather than practical knowledge. The purpose of a PGDM curriculum is to meet industry requirements. MBA programs are more rigid and not rapidly change to meet new demands and the latest research. PGDM programs often changes to offer relevant managerial skills and knowledge.

Career Opportunities

MBA programs normally provides students with better career prospects due to their wider recognition. PGDM programs can give students the opportunity to find employment, but has limitations, because candidates are unable to further their studies with a doctoral thesis. Some companies prefer to invest in employees to build human capital through education and may prefer a candidate with MBA qualification, which can go on to make a PhD.

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