The Giant of Smartphones Branded White Coolpad Landed in Spain with Two Models Own

CoolPad, sounds? One of the ten largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world, more than 50 million terminal by 2014. Not? It is very likely that you may not know mark but that once you’ve had one of their mobile closely because they are the leaders in the white mark, among those phones that sell operators such as Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile with your logo.
Now the thing will change, because CoolPad has come to Spain in an official way. Will first try to settle and make themselves known with a pair of terminals of less than 200 euros and a distribution agreement with Media Markt. Then come the rest.

Fluency, design and value for money

He said rightly during the presentation Pedro Abad, responsible for CoolPad to the Iberian peninsula, that much of the purchase decision depends on the first impression to take a specific model, added to which you’ve done visually. It shows them confident in their designs and finishes to convey feelings above which would correspond for prices.
In a segment full of options with an identical internal hardware, they expect to be his distinctive stamp, even though they know that the key to success is the relationship between user experience, technical specifications and price.
Its main target is the young and modern public, Why are going to exert force on the concept its name cool. Although at present only to work with these two models, they have planned more launches before the end of 2016. Finally and after, both its own brand and its associated Qiku and LeTV have high-end terminals in China.
Although it has the name of Huawei or Xiaomi, This veteran mounted in 1993 has a great infrastructure and more than 6,000 workers on staff, as well as 6,000 patents to avoid trouble. This support allows them to take their entry into Spain without pressure because it is one further step to consolidate in Europe. His final plan is to follow in the World Top 10.

CoolPad Modena

Its flagship, or rather estrellita, is the CoolPad Modena, which is already on sale. A large screen, of 5.5 inch qHD, It gives rise to a fairly proportionate dimensions apparatus and a curved back that makes it comfortable to the hand and minimizes its thickness 8.6 mm. To change seems to they have relinquished a greater battery, which brings is 2. 500mAh.
Its appearance is simple ahead and more retailer behind. Under the screen brings the traditional capacitive buttons, while ring that covers your camera and a grille that resembles a little to HTC under its brand stands out in the rear silkscreened. To take it for the first time it is striking that is robust and firm despite the plastic materials with which it is made.
Much more humble in its interior, mounted a 64-bit SoC Qualcomm Snapdraon 410 quad-core 1, 2 GHz with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage expandable to 32GB using microSD. It is dual-sim, in fact this company was the first to implement it, but the best is that the memory slot is one different, there is no choice between a phone or a memory card.
Not noted by the megapixel sensors, eight in the rear Chamber and two in the front, but it brings a couple of software as beautify options to tweak the photos automatically on several levels, and self-timer when there are smiles on a selfie.
Their strong point is the Smart gestures with the off screen. Is you can directly access various functions such as browser, Dialer calls, music or camera by figures on the screen switched off as in the OnePlus. And also includes the Double tap to wake up your phone.

CoolPad Porto S

Even more basic and simple is the CoolPad Porto S, which will be the next to reach Spain. In this case the bet is the lightness and size at a price very low, without neglecting the support for 4G networks.
Mounted a display of 5 inch HD and more than 250 DPI., in a casing of 143 x 72 x 7.5 mm. Its SoC MediaTek6735P quad-core 1 GHz, its unique GB of RAM, its 8GB of space and its battery of 2. 000mAh leading it up to the 125 grams of weight. To their construction in plastic it makes it look almost of toy When you have in your hands, although it is also solid in the hands.
However, what has most surprised me is the fluidity offered for such basic specifications. The escape applications that brings installed, because they sell it as Pure Android, run and move more fluently than other smartphones with more engine, so I gather that you have a good optimization. It has been only a small test with the Chamber and the galleries, browser, menus and music player, but very positive.
Front and rear cameras also have eight and four megapixel sensors respectively, but the application for use is generic, without the additional functions described above.

Channels of distribution and price

Both the Modena and the Porto S come to Spain with Android 5.1 and, by the response we have received to the question, no view that will upgrade a Marshmallow. In terms of support and warranty, Abad said that they will give the generic country, so we assume that it will be around 5-10 days of delivery and return.
The first has released for 159 euros in Pearl White, black and champagne and the second will be 139 Euro When it debuts in April. For the moment, CoolPad has reached a distribution agreement with Media Markt and later also wants to be on the operators. Finally and after is a company that knows to negotiate with them because of his past as a manufacturer. But they will not autodistribuirse through your website.
A very soft entry for a company that has a lot of power behind. At the moment it is only a touchdown with the market while matures it and is redirecting its activities and its brand that is perhaps quite late because a niche is growing more difficult.