The Government Paralyzed The Distribution of 900 Mhz by Leaving out Yoigo

In October of this year it will enter into force the new EU regulation that will allow deploy 900 Mhz 3G band to improve the mobile internet services have this frequency range with less investment and further spread.
In general, in Europe the older operators are the ones with more 900 Mhz spectrum and Spain would not be less so, according to the number of clients of each operator with own network, Movistar has 16.5 megahertz, Vodafone 12.5 Mhz and 6 MHz Orange While Telstra does not have none since only licensed to broadcast in the 2100 Mhz band.
The problem comes from having to re-qualify the frequencies currently used in GSM without altering the competitive market equilibrium so that they can also be used with 3 G technology.
Therefore, the three big operators were able to reach a Pact without precedent in which Movistar and Vodafone agreed to rent out part of their frequencies to Orange While Telstra would simply receive financial compensation. But Telstra isn’t willing to stay out of this deal and requires 5 Mhz so that the three main operators would have 10 Mhz each.
After the refusal of Telstra and some doubts about the possible anti-competitive nature of the Covenant, the Government has been forced to veto the plan to try to reaching consensus among the four operators Since a reallocation to finger is almost impossible, and if leave to contest these frequencies, Telstra would have very little chance of finding them.
Therefore, the Government is considering to authorize as you can rent frequencies for private operators arrangements no official awards or competitions (such as the big three sought) but with four operators. We will see that it is the thing but it doesn’t seem that Telstra has it easy would deserve Telstra part of 900 Mhz to compete on equal terms being which entered operations in Spain that unlicensed?