The Snapdragon 660 Crosses The Path of 7 Nokia and Nokia 8, Now Super Medium Ranges

The return of Nokia is being more powerful than expected, since the three models of its new numerical series with Android had a good welcome both by users and by the specialized press. Nokia 3, 5 and 6 are roamed the MWC in Barcelona showing very interesting features, and associated with pure Android with almost immediate updates. A good move of the Finns.
In the air was as the high range that had been rumored for the Snapdragon 835, the most coveted processor of the moment. This new high-end automatically related to the future Nokia 8 that have had been allowed to see any filtration but seems not to be so, even though your processor will remain high. The Snapdragon 660 has appeared on the scene and also has been linked to the future of Nokia 7.

Two super medium ranges, and a future flagship

Just yesterday a benchmark’s record in the middle range is filtered and achieved it Snapdragon 660, a processor that will be placed one step above the 653 Snapdragon and will serve as a connector with the high-end chips from Qualcomm. The benchmark in question was the score of this 660 Snapdragon above 100,000 points at AnTuTu and it captured the attention of the entire market automatically.
Far from being one processor more, the Snapdragon 660 must lead the super medium ranges, that segment of smartphones to half way between the medium ranges and high, both in features and prices. Eight-core Cortex A73 and Cortex A53 ahead when brand new, who knows if in the interior of these Nokia 7 & 8 Nokia now be reconverted and leave space for a future Nokia 9, perhaps chosen to carry the Snapdragon 835.
With Nokia 8 converted to super midrange, the weight of carrying the Snapdragon 835 can fall on future Nokia 9
Over these 7 Nokia and Nokia 8 reveals now that they vibrate FullHD and QHD, screens that will count with metallic bodies unibody and some more features. As an improved camera, perhaps with Carl Zeiss lenses, as readers of footprints on the back, as ultra-thin frames or fast charge. Although this last could be inferred easily if the 660 Snapdragon is involved in the process.

Six of seven

Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 could be part of releases planned by the Finnish manufacturer, now in the hands of HMD, for this year. Discussed at the time of six or seven devices that we know four. Three if we don’t have the Nokia 3310, it seems to have been a ruse of marketing rather than a product catalogue that have within their roadmap.
Little by little, the puzzle of Nokia launches is completing. Nokia 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Nokia P1.
As said before, that the Nokia 8 will carry the 660 Snapdragon, which would make it an element to take into account, It opens the door to a future Nokia 9, and even a Nokia P1 discussed long ago and that we cease to speak as soon as she met the Nokia 6 and began to surface details of his brothers already presented. Three/four previous, three/four on the road. Seven.
The return of Nokia was highly anticipated, not only to regain a brand that was a leader in the past, but to see what he was joining with Android. Now we know it and the future looks even more exciting. Nokia 8 converted to super mid-range, Nokia 7 and Nokia 9 on the table and much still to say by a manufacturer that it never go away entirely. Although often return.