University of California, Santa Barbara Review (16)


City: Santa Barbara

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: mechanical engineering

Study type: semester abroad

University of California, Santa Barbara Review (16)

So many field reports have already been written about the housing situation, life and study content that I would just like to mention what I consider to be the most important points. Also, I think that if you’re reading my report, you’ve already made your choice for UCSB (if not, please see the valuable educational and insightful link at the end of my report), so I’d rather give you a few starting tips to get started to make the beginning easier.┬áSee toppharmacyschools for Universidad Regiomontana Study Abroad.

Since my university is not affiliated with the University of California, Santa Barbara, unlike many others, I had to do all the preparations myself. However, during my research I came across the MicroEdu website pretty quickly and after just one call, everything turned out to be relatively easy. With the check list that you get from MicroEdu, you simply have a great overview of all the necessary forms and preparation steps and are thus given the perfect help with your plans to study abroad.


I really don’t recommend anyone to organize a permanent place to live in Santa Barbara from their home country. You can definitely watch the housing market from home on (internet portal with classified ads for all kinds of things) to get a first impression of the unreal high prices of the housing offers. Just plan at least 1 week to look for an apartment on site, because you really need time to find a nice and satisfying place.

There really is no alternative but to look for an apartment in Isla Vista. It’s the pulse of college life in this neighborhood and nowhere else in Santa Barbara can give you a better time than this. You have to live in IV.


Especially at the beginning you will meet German colleagues everywhere because they are incredibly attracted to each other and I know it is easier to get in touch and make friends with them at the beginning because everyone has the same interests and problems and you can help each other. That’s ok to a certain extent, but still not in the sense of a stay abroad. Just try to avoid getting stuck in a German group. Rather concentrate on American or international acquaintances. You want to experience a bit of foreign culture and not live the German attitude in another country.


Similar to point 3, I recommend that you share an apartment with at least as many American or international students as German students. You want to speak English and Americans can show you more of life in their own country than yours anyway.

Study time

If you have the opportunity, try to study at least two quarters at UCSB. Time goes by so fast and just when you’re settling in and having the best time of your life, you don’t want to leave again. The first quarter is awesome. But the second is unbelievable.


The best deal I found was AT&T, where you pay $25 a month and get UNLIMITED TEXT and 240 FREE MINUTES without signing a contract. Since most of the time it is about sending SMS anyway, you are in good hands with this offer. Data plans are optional but relatively expensive.


Be sure to register with the Excursion Club. This club, founded by students, offers daily sports activities and excursions. You also have the opportunity to borrow any leisure equipment (surfboard, wet suite, tents, sleeping bag, kayaks,…) “free of charge”. You only pay a club fee of $30 per quarter. It is also the ideal opportunity to meet new and, above all, international people.


Since you can only enter almost every club, bar or other shop with your passport, it is worth applying for a California Driving License. This costs around $50, looks chic and the check card is easier to stow away in your wallet, or losing this card after a possibly violent club night is easier to cope with than losing your passport with a VISA, because that is incredibly expensive and time-consuming to apply for again at the Embassy in Los Angeles.


Even if Abercrombie and Hollister may still be among the top fashion brands for some people in Germany, this is not the case in America and especially on campus or in Isla Vista. The clothing style is really very casual and sporty. Sport shorts, swimming trunks, wide, dingy shirts – with these, also known in IV (high school clothes), such as Abercrombie, you immediately stand out as a foreigner and in most cases are totally overdressed. Just enjoy the fact that nobody cares about wealth and expensive branded clothes and you come across as much more relaxed.


Santa Barbara, California – everything sounds like sun and you’re partly right. HOWEVER, even in California it gets COLD in the evenings. Really really cold. Especially in winter ( Nov – Jan ) hats and coats are worn even during the day in Santa Barbara. Take WARM CLOTHING with you.

And now enjoy your unforgettable stay : 0)

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