University of California, Santa Barbara Review (74)


City: Santa Barbara

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: economics

Study type: semester abroad

University of California, Santa Barbara Review (74)

Study abroad at UCSB. you still doubt?? Away with it. See mcat-test-centers for University of Bristol.
And here are the reasons why you should study there:

  • It’s relatively easy to find an apartment on craigslist. However, plan 5 days for this and do not immediately take the first best. Search only in Isla Vista, the student area. I can’t recommend Goleta, Ellwood or even downtown Santa Barbara because you miss out on college life. And you’re too far away from campus
  • Register at the rec-center, the university gym. For 3 months: around $60. It’s totally worth it, because there’s a lot on offer and you get in touch with new people very quickly
  • Go to all the courses that interest you for the timetable and see what happens. I got 100% of all the courses I wanted. I cannot recommend any extention courses, as there are many Germans (80%)
  • There are many opportunities for shopping! So leave enough space in the suitcase, I was allowed to have 23kg. Santa Barbara Stores: American Apparel, Banana Republic, Hollister, American Eagle, Forever 21, Volcom, and many more.
  • Excursions are a must: I’ve been to Disneyland, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Big Bear and Las Vegas. A trip to Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon is also worthwhile
  • Location: UCSB is approximately 10 miles north of Santa Barbara. The place closest to the campus is called Goleta. The small student town right on the campus and beach is Isla Vista (IV). A lot of party-loving students live there with a view of the Pacific. The campus itself has a lagoon on the Pacific. The range of subjects is very large, you have easy access and a very personal relationship with the professors and the other students.
  • Campus: is like a city of its own! There are 2 ATMs, numerous restaurants (panda express, subway, woodstocks pizza,etc) and 1 large bookstore, as well as many many sports facilities and plenty of opportunity to get lost on site. Even though I had a map, it has happened to me twice that I made a big, big detour and went in the wrong direction. Everyone on campus is accessible by bike or skateboard. To reach. Definitely buy a beach cruiser.
  • Popular sports: surfing, boodieboard, paddle board, tennis, dance team, basketball
  • Nightlife: since my fellow students are all younger and under 21 on average, there are only house parties in the student district every day, there are no clubs, you can take a bills bus at 10pm downtown to the city, to sharkys or sandbars.
  • Legal: do not carry open containers of tmi alcohol with you on the street, do not argue with police officers, do not buy underage alcohol and nothing that is not also prohibited in Germany
  • “Dress code”: according to the motto “take it easy”, everyone is dressed super casual, flip-flops, shorts + shirt, leave the heels at home ladies and only take casual, sporty clothing with you.
  • To do: Buy a UCSB hoodie, wear it to the gaucho soccer match, live in IV and watch the sunrise,
  • Courses: I am studying business administration in Germany and chose: Econ 134a financial mgmt (relatively demanding), Globl 130 intl history+politics (highly recommended) and Comm 1 (low requirement) and I was forced to have an extention course in Web Marketing Application (very boring) with it I got a total of 15units. 12 would have been enough for my visa, but my university had the requirement to prove 30 ects.
  • Computers: Each enrolled UCSB student has access to numerous computers at the various computer facilities on campus. In the 24-hour study room and in the library there are also spacious areas with WiFi, so that you can work on your own laptop with a fast internet connection. If you have problems with your own computer, an internal university computer service will help, which repairs and restores private PCs at reasonable prices. Also, free computer courses in Excel, Word, Dreamweaver, Powerpoint, etc. for beginners and advanced users are offered at the beginning and in the middle of each quarter.
  • Essen: There is no separate cafeteria at UCSB, as is known in Germany, or only for the residents of the on-campus residence halls. Nevertheless, in the UC (University Center in the middle of the campus) you will find sandwiches, burgers, pasta and pizza as well as Mexican and Chinese, as well as everything for a quick snack in between.
  • Library: A special feature of the UCSB is the well-stocked and excellently equipped library in the heart of the campus, the Donald C Davidson Library. The Davidson Library stocks approximately 2.7 million books and journals and continues to grow by approximately 50,000 copies each year. The library also provides its students with government documents, manuscripts, audio media, videos and DVDs on scientific topics. In the Davidson Library there is not only freely available internet access, but also electronic access to all catalogs of the UC libraries and data stocks.

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