University of California, Santa Barbara Review (86)


City: Santa Barbara

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: linguistics

Study type: semester abroad

University of California, Santa Barbara Review (86)

UCSB, the dream campus on earth.

When I walked in for the first time, I could hardly shut my mouth in amazement. I found the great buildings with the inscriptions of the departments and the names of the names really great, but the palm trees, the freshly mowed lawns, the colorful posters (created by dedicated students), the smiling cyclists (or should I say beach cruisers;)), who meet you, the skateboarders, for whom there are even special “lanes”, and and and. It’s just a great feeling when you drive/walk across the campus and meet such incredibly friendly and helpful students and lecturers, who are literally beaming with sunshine. During the breaks, we often met up with friends at Ucen for lunch. Numerous restaurants offered varied menus: whether a healthy salad bar, hearty burgers with fries or spicy Mexican burritos – there was something for everyone’s taste. Afterwards we “chilled” on the balcony at Nicolletti’s, with a view of the Lagoon. There we enjoyed the weather, exchanged ideas and consequently consumed a delicious vanilla chai latte : ) Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? And that’s it! My life was like in paradise. And not only the landscape and the great people who surrounded you were super, but also the lessons! I’ve taken courses like Hollywood Industry and Gospel Choir, which were like candy for the soul – an interplay of challenging, interesting material and the easy-going, humorous attitude of the teachers made the classes enjoyable. I recommend everyone to take not only Extension but also Academic courses, firstly to follow the higher level of the courses (because those who are thrown in at the deep end also learn the most!) and secondly to make friends with Americans, because this way you not only get to know the language but also the culture better. Thanks to my new friends, I spent New Year’s Eve in Malibu at a unique party in a beautiful house, I got to know my friends’ families and I was always able to get help with my studies.┬áSee mcat-test-centers for University of New Brunswick Saint John.

Most of the students live in Isla Vista (IV for short), the district that borders directly on the campus and is dominated by students, so to speak. Surrounded by small, individual restaurants and coffee shops, which are open until at least midnight, you can treat yourself to delicacies. In addition, the wildest parties take place there (in IV)! Sounds like fun, but you still have to be aware that not everything that is allowed in Germany is tolerated there. Never leave a party holding your Red Cup that may still contain alcohol. The consequence? A large fine or a court date. But these are things you can get used to and avoid…

As far as free time is concerned, there are many ways to be creative. With the sunny, warm weather and ocean that also borders Isla Vista, sports like surfing and kayaking are high on the list. You can also convert your love handles into muscle mass in the RecCen or prove your skills in team sports such as basketball and lacrosse. Shop downtown on State Street in Santa Barbara. From the bus loop, which is located directly on campus, you can comfortably take the bus down to the city and swipe your credit card over the counter of many great shops full of high spirits and without self-checking (please swipe your card).

Holiday road trips also invite you to explore new cities like LA (which is about 1.5 hours south of SB). With your new friends you will experience unforgettable moments in unforgettable cities that are completely different from German cities. I even made it all the way to Seattle. Moments that are engraved in my memory and hopefully stay there forever.

I had the best time of my life in the US and I’m glad I was lucky enough to study at UCSB for a year. It has not only helped my English language skills but also my personal development. Whoever has the chance should not think twice, but seize it immediately! Thanks to College Contact I had this opportunity and I am sooo grateful to the team! My dream has come true and I hope yours will too. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!
Best regards, Claudia (Litzka)

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