US 641 and 72 in Tennessee

US 641 in Tennessee

US 641
Get started Clifton
End Puryear
Length 94 mi
Length 151 km
  • Cliftonholladay
  • Camden
  • Paris
  • Kentucky

According to, US 641 is a US Highway in the US state of Tennessee. The road forms a north-south route in the western part of the state, from Clifton to the Kentucky border, and is 93 miles long.

Travel directions

US 641 begins at Clifton on US 64 and then heads north and crosses the Tennessee River. This is followed by a connection with Interstate 40. The route heads north through Camden and Paris, remotely parallel to the Tennessee River and Kentucky Lake, before US 641 in Kentucky continues to Murray.


US 641 was added to the network in 1955 and then began in Paris on US 79. In 1977 the route was extended southwards to I-40, which was then completed. In 2015, the route was extended further south to US 64 at Clifton.

The section between Decaturville and Clifton was completely reconstructed in the mid-1990s and replaced no previous connection. This project also included a new bridge over the Tennessee River.

Elsewhere, few upgrades have been made to US 641. A bypass was built in phases around Paris, originally mainly for the US 79 in the 80s-90s, around 2001 also around the southwest side of Paris, in 2010 to the Henry County Airport northwest of Paris and around 2019 further to the US 641 north of Paris, which also allowed through traffic on US 641 to use the Paris ring road.

US 72 in Tennessee

US 72
Begin Memphis
End Chattanooga
Length 24 + 34 mi
Length 39 + 55 km
  • Memphis
  • Germantown
  • Collierville
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • South Pittsburg
  • Jasper
  • Chattanooga

US 72 is a US Highway in the US state of Tennessee. The road consists of two parts that are widely spaced, a 39-kilometer western part in Memphis and its suburbs, and an eastern part of 55 km in Chattanooga and its suburbs. The combined length is 94 kilometers.

Travel directions

West Tennessee

US 72 begins in the city of Memphis. Numerous US Highways converge here. US 72 then forms Poplar Avenue, a 7-lane undivided highway with center turn lane. In eastern Memphis, one crosses Interstate 240, the inner ring road of Memphis. After that, the road continues as Poplar Avenue through the suburbs of Germantown and Collierville. The road narrows there to a 5-lane undivided highway with center turn lane. At Collierville you cross the Interstate 269. After that the road becomes a 2×2 divided highway, and after a few kilometers it follows the border with the state of Mississippi. US 72 in Mississippi then continues towards Corinth.

East Tennessee

The US 72 then travels 420 kilometers through the north of the states of Mississippi and Alabama, after which the US 72 in Alabama from Huntsville re-enters the state of Tennessee. The road forms a 2×2 divided highway along South Pittsburg, after which it connects with Interstate 24. After this, US 72 is double-numbered with US 64 and later also US 11 and runs parallel to I-24 to the city of Chattanooga. The road crosses Nickajack Lake, a reservoir part of the Tennessee River. US 72 ends in downtown Chattanooga.


The original route in western Tennessee went further north, and a lot longer through Tennessee, from Memphis the route went east through Selmer, only to enter the state of Mississippi at Corinth. In 1935, the current route in this part of Tennessee was established.

The route of US 72 in the Memphis region has been steadily suburbanized since the 1950s, today suburban residential areas extend almost all the way to the Mississippi border. US 72 has been relieved with the construction of State Route 385, a freeway around the suburbs of Germantown and Collierville. Through traffic to and from Memphis is therefore no longer dependent on Poplar Avenue (US 72).

The route of US 72 has been replaced by Interstate 24 in the Chattanooga area. The Marion Memorial Bridge over Nickajack Lake opened here in 1929. This was replaced by a new bridge between 2012 and 2014. The bridge was closed to traffic at that time, which was diverted over I-24. The new bridge opened to traffic on November 7, 2014.

US 72 in Tennessee

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