Vermont Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Vermont

Vermont is dominated (from south to north) by the wooded Green Mountains. This northern range of the Appalachain Mountains includes more than 200 mountains over 2,000 feet in elevation. The highest is Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s highest point at 4,393 feet.

Lake Champlain, covering Vermont’s northwestern border with New York City, is the largest lake in New England and the sixth largest lake in the country. Lake Memphremagog, in the far north, is the state’s second largest lake.

The Rock of the Ages, a quarry just outside of Barr, is one of the world’s largest sources of granite.

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Significant rivers include the Connecticut, running along its entire eastern border, and the Lamoille, Otter Creek, Western, White, and Winooski rivers.

Vermont Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Bertha Abbey baseball player
  • Charles Francis Adams first owner of the Boston Bruins
  • Charles Kendall Adams educator, historian
  • Frederick W. Adams physician, author, violin maker
  • Sherman Adams politician
  • Charles August Aiken clergyman, academic
  • Henry Mills Alden writer, editor of The Harper’s Weekly
  • Ethan Allen Revolutionary War leader (born in CT)
  • Nun Frances Margaret “Fanny” Allen
  • Ira Allen founder of Vermont, leader of the green mountain boys (born in CT)
  • Jerome Allen author, educator
  • Lemuel H. Arnold politician
  • Chester Arthur 21st American President
  • Warren Austin politician


  • General Union Army of Orville E. Babcock
  • Actress Maxine Bance
  • Arthur Scott Bailey author
  • Consuelo Northrop Bailey first American female lieutenant governor
  • David Ball footballer
  • Politician Bradley Barlow
  • John Barrett US diplomat
  • John L. Barstow teacher, politician, soldier
  • William Barton baseball player
  • Lyndon Wallace Bates Civil Engineer
  • Fernando C. Beeman politician
  • Orson Bean actor
  • Hiram Bell politician
  • Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry
  • Photographer Wilson “Snowflakes” Bentley
  • Charles Ethan Billings inventor
  • Frederick H. Billings President Northern Pacific Railroad
  • Hiram Bingham I missionaries
  • George Bliss politician
  • Aretas Blood railway steam locomotive manufacturer
  • Asa Peabody Blunt’s General Union Army
  • Actress Beatrice Boeple
  • Elmer Bowman baseball player
  • Mira Bradwell publisher, activist, attorney in
  • Ezra Brainerd educator, botanist
  • Richard Brewer cowboy, outlaw
  • Francis Fisher Brown editor, poet
  • Orestes Brownson activist, labor organizer
  • Stephen T. Byington translator


  • Common Union Army John C. Caldwell, diplomat
  • Thomas Cale politician
  • Weather channel of meteorologist Jim Cantor
  • Matthew Hale Carpenter politician
  • William B. Castle Politician
  • Lucien B. Caswell politician
  • Susie Chaffee Olympic skier, actress
  • Actress Beth Chamberlin
  • John Putnam Chapin politician
  • Greet Mormon Leader Peddler
  • Harry B. Chase lawyer
  • Horace Chase politician
  • Daniel Chipman politician
  • Thomas Chittenden politician (born in CT)
  • Lucius Chittenden author, politician, peace advocate
  • Sylvester Churchill journalist
  • Joseph A. Citro author, folklorist
  • Charles Edgar Clark American naval officer
  • William Bullock Clark geologist
  • Barbara Cochran Olympic medalist
  • Bob “Bobby” Cochran Olympic medalist
  • Richard A. Cody Vice Chief of Staff US Army
  • Louis Collins singer, songwriter
  • Ray Collins baseball player
  • George Partridge Colvocoresses American Marine Rear Admiral
  • Jessica Comolli Miss Vermont 2007
  • Calvin Coolidge 30th American President
  • Actress Tara Correa-McMullen
  • Commander Barry M. Costello 3rd Fleet US Navy
  • Mormon Church Elder Oliver Cowdery
  • General Union Army of Robert Cowdin
  • Donald J. Cram chemist, Nobel laureate
  • Jay Craven director, screenwriter

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