Washington Geography and Famous Natives

Washington geography

Rugged cliffs and numerous bays front Washington Pacific coastline. In the far northwest, the Olympic Mountains dominate the landscape. Further south the Coastal Sierra and the Willapa Hills appear to blend into Oregon.

Directly to the east of those hills and mountains, Puget Sound stretches the Lowlands south from the Canadian border to Columbia. This stretch of land is home to Washington’s largest cities.

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Puget Sound, a lie about the west of Seattle, is a body of ocean water that provides access to the Pacific Ocean through the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It contains numerous channels, estuaries, inlets and islands – including the San Juan.

East of that lowland, majestic snowy Cascades rise into the sky. This range (volcanic in origin) includes Mt. Rainier, Washington’s highest point, as well as many other major mountains including Mt. Adams, Montana. Baker, Glacier Peak and Mt. St. Helens is famous for the 1980 eruption. These heavily forested mountains are drained by dozens and dozens of small rivers, and contain many cold water lakes.

The Columbia Plateau extends south from central Washington into Idaho and Oregon. Formed by ancient lava flows, this is a landscape of deep, wide valleys and rugged mountains, including Blue.

In the northeast part of the Rocky Mountains across the state extending into Canada. The deep-valleyed Mountains of Columbia are the most significant range.

Washington’s most important river is the Columbia. It rises in British Columbia, Canada, then flows south through the state, forming much of its natural border with Oregon. Other notable rivers include the Okanogan and the Snake. Baker, Chelen and Ross are famous lakes.

Washington Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Oleta Adams singer
  • Football player Michel Ake (born in CA)
  • Written by Sherman Alexi Jr.
  • Charles Richard “Chuck” Allen football player
  • Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft
  • Howard Averill baseball player


  • Jerry Baldwin founder of Starbucks
  • Bob Barker Television Host
  • Glenn Beck radio and television host, author
  • Football player Drew Bledsoe
  • William Bolcom composer, pianist
  • Gordon Bowker founder of Starbucks
  • Linda Buck scientist, Nobel laureate


  • Actress Dyan Guns
  • Jerry Cantrell guitarist, songwriter
  • Chester F. Carlson inventor
  • Raymond Carver short story writer, poet
  • James Caviezel actor
  • Ron Sei baseball player
  • Actress Carola Channing
  • Glass sculptor Dale Chihuly
  • Actress Erika Christensen
  • Kurt Cobain guitarist, singer, songwriter
  • Singer Judy Collins
  • Jeff Conine baseball player
  • Chris Cornell guitarist, singer, songwriter
  • Fred Kuplz golfer
  • Bing Crosby singer, actor
  • Merce Cunningham choreographer, dancer


  • Actress Katherine Damon
  • Olympian Gail Devers
  • Corey Dillon footballer
  • Actress Mary Eleanor Donahue
  • Howard Duff actor
  • Politician Jennifer Dunn
  • Seattle Dwamish Indian Chief Sakomish


  • Written by David Eddings
  • Actress Frances Farmer
  • Bill Gates thus-founder of Microsoft
  • Actor Cam Gigandet
  • Clarence Gilyard actor
  • Richard F. Gordon astronaut
  • Kenneth Burner Saxophonist


  • Sigurd “Signal” Hansen’s boat captain, actor
  • Jimi Hendrix guitarist
  • Frank Herbert author
  • Henry “Sovka” Jackson politician
  • Choreographer Robert Joffrey
  • Written by Kitty Kelly
  • Hank Ketcham cartoonist
  • Sam Kinison comedian, actor


  • Richard “Rick” Larsen politician
  • Gary Larson cartoonist
  • Actress Gypsy Rosa Lee
  • Jonathan “John” Lester baseball player
  • Blake Lewis singer
  • Ryan Lewis musician, producer
  • Timothy “Tim” Lincecum baseball player
  • Kenny Loggins singer, songwriter


  • Kyle MacLachlan actor
  • Phil Mahre World Championship Skier
  • Ross Matthews Television Host
  • Kevin McCarthy actor
  • Written by Mary McCarthy
  • Producer Guthrie McClintic, director
  • Darren McGavin actor
  • John McIntyre actor
  • Refresh musician McKagan, bassist
  • Actress Patricia McPherson
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan actor
  • Mark Morris dance choreographer
  • Robert Motherwell artist
  • Soprano Patrice Munsel
  • Politician Patty Murray
  • Edward R. Murrow journalist (born in North Carolina)
  • Soprano Patrice Munsel


  • Craig T. Nelson actor
  • Billy North baseball player
  • Mark O’Connor violinist
  • Apolo Anton Ono Olympic gold medalist speed skater
  • John Olerud baseball player
  • Stacey Orrico singer, songwriter
  • Robert Osborne actor, film historian
  • Stephen S. Oswald astronaut
  • Abraham Isaac “AB” songwriter. Quintill III, record producer, composer, musician


  • Daisy “Dixie Lee” Ray State’s first female governor
  • Don Rich musician
  • Clint Richardson Jr. basketball player
  • Ryne Sandberg baseball player
  • Ron Santo baseball player, sportscaster
  • Francis “Dick” astronaut Scobie
  • Founder Zev Siegl Starbucks
  • Actress Jean Smart
  • Indian prophet Smohalla, leader
  • Hope Solo Olympic medalist, soccer player
  • Singer Layne Staley
  • Ryan Styles comedian
  • John Stockton basketball player
  • Actress Hillary Swank


  • Earl Thorgeson baseball player
  • Jennifer Warnes singer, songwriter
  • Adam West actor
  • Sammy White baseball player
  • Ann and Nancy Wilson Singers, songwriters (Heart)
  • Martha Wright singer
  • Poet Audrey Werdeman, Pulitzer Prize winner


Positioned between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, the vibrant city of Seattle is the most populated city in the state of Washington.

The Puget Sound of Seattle is a body of ocean water that provides access to the Pacific Ocean through the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It contains numerous channels, estuaries, inlets and islands – including the San Juan. Similar to Boston, Massachusetts, Seattle is actually surrounded by water and its coastline is teeming with activity. Spectacular vistas everywhere include the Olympic Mountains and the snowy peak of Mt. Rainier in the Cascade Mountains to the southeast.

Often cloudy with rain in the forecast, most locals and visitors could care less about umbrellas and protect themselves as trendy Seattle is home to many significant attractions, including the Olympic Sculpture Garden, the Seattle Art Museum, the Space Needle, Peak Place Market and dozens of places entertainment and shopping. Note: In Seattle, most rainfall in the winter months and fine weather is common June – August.

World renowned as the birthplace of grunge music, delicious coffee served in innovative stores, and as the corporate base for Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks, Seattle is a major cultural, economic and educational center and an incredible place to live. Frankly, this is an essential visit to any Washington vacation.

  • Seattle
  • Seattle – Pike Place Market
  • The nation’s highest percentage of college graduates live in Seattle.
  • The Great Seattle Fire of 1869 destroyed 25 of the city’s downtown blocks. No human lives were lost, but over 1 million rats were killed.
  • Seattle’s houseboat population is the country ‘s largest at nearly 500!
  • The Farmers’ Market at Peak Place Market is the longest continuously operating market of its kind in the US(since 1907) !

Look at the Seattle map for some great places to visit while in Seattle!

Seattle skyline view….

Peak Place Market Walking Tours
The soul of Seattle and the most popular attraction in the city, Peak Place Market attracts millions of visitors annually.It is a lover’s food dream and a celebrated culinary landmark. Go behind the scenes and take a walking tour to experience some of the hot spots of this famous Seattle. Taste mouth-watering fresh seafood, learn new shopping and cooking tips, meet the exceptional people who give the market its life and find your way around the maze of stalls, shops and Seattle restaurants.

The Space Needle A
landmark of the Pacific Northwest and the unofficial symbol of Seattle, the Space Needle is a 605-foot-tall tower with a 520-foot observation deck offering magnificent views of Downtown Seattle’s skyline, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Needle is an essential must see for every Washington The Top of the Needle can be reached via lifts that travel at 10 miles per hour. Once at the top, diners can enjoy an enchanting dinner at the rotating SkyCity Restaurant and buy unforgettable gifts from the gift shop.

Forest Park Zoo
With many “Best National Exhibition Awards” from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Woodland Park Zoo has what is considered the world’s finest immersion exhibit, a gorilla habitat that opened in the late 1970s.The zoo is filled with engaging, award-winning exhibits, including Zoomazium, a naturalistic children’s play space divided into eco-themed fun zones.The rainforest is home to animals such as ocelots, bushmasters and toucans and the Tropical¬†Asiatic exhibit with its Elephant Forest and Vines Trail. This exclusive Seattle Zoo can easily keep the whole family entertained for a whole day, or maybe even two!

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