Where to Go to Relax in Greece

To diversify and decorate your holiday, to see the beauty of the plexus of sea sandy beaches and mountains, and, of course, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient myths and legends only by going to Greece. In its diversity, any traveler will find a special place for himself. We offer a special selection that will help you decide which island in Greece to go on vacation.

Mega popular Crete

According to usprivateschoolsfinder, Crete is the largest and most visited Greek island. This place fascinates lovers of mild maritime climate. And a fabulous variety of color palette, both the surroundings of the island and warm water. This place is full of interesting sights of Greece, which are definitely worth seeing.

The attention of lovers is attracted every year by the most romantic part of the island – Balos Bay. And the strength and insight of the architects who built the Palace of Knossos is still a mystery and an alluring dream of many contemporaries. Therefore, if you are looking for a better place to go on vacation to Greece for vivid impressions and a pleasant pastime, be sure to discover Crete.

Myth and Reality: Rhodes and Mykonos

Shrouded in fairy tales and legends, the island of Rhodes attracts tourists who are in the mood for outdoor activities. But, not many people know that due to its geographical features, the northern part will be the best place for a relaxing family trip, but the western side of a kind of Greece is almost always crowded with windsurfers.

The island of Mykonos has become a real treasure trove of entertainment, noisy youth parties and endless beach entertainment programs. Its most famous beach was Paradise, where at every turn there is an endless interweaving of parties, the sound of the sea and loud music. In addition, many water parks and recreation areas are equipped here, and the inhabitants of the island fully contribute to the incendiary sea fun of tourists.

Santorini Island – Greece’s Natural Treasure

A fascinating picture opens up to the eyes of travelers who have visited Santorini, as part of Greece, where to go to rest is a pleasure. Every part of the structure in this dazzling corner of the country is a real work of art. Here the houses are skillfully painted white, and the whole island sparkles like a star against the backdrop of volcanic rocks. And don’t forget the Faros lighthouse, because you can watch its light on warm evenings.

Historical Greece: Athens in a new light

Of course, when going to Greece, you need to set aside at least a day of your vacation to explore the stunning buildings, the grandiose and bright walls of the Parthenon. Such an ancient Greek creation awakens great dreams and achievements.

The mainland of Greece is as beautiful, fresh and boundless as the bustling life on the islands. Luxurious attractions are everywhere here: Meteora rocks, holy Mount Athos, sandy beaches and a sea of ​​​​positive mood.

Travel while enjoying, because in Greece it is so easy to do!

Where to Go to Relax in Greece

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