With WikiVIP, Wikipedia Wants to Gather Celebrity Voice Recordings for Posterity

The variety of content available from Wikipedia should increase soon, but in an unusual way: the organization recently presented the project WikiVIP (Wikipedia Voice Intro Project), a directory that has the proposal to concentrate celebrity voice recordings and notable personalities for consultation and use of anyone, especially for future generations.

The initiative is the work of Andrew Gray and Andy Mabbett, two editors of the English Wikipedia, and has been studied since the second half of 2012, after both started discussing a way to enrich the Encyclopedia of audio content.
In the conversation, the duo came to the conclusion that having prominent people of speech recordings (artists, scientists, athletes, politicians, businessmen and so on) would be a way to take this goal forward.
The idea is that these files are short, with just a quick presentation of the person or any relevant statement. In addition, all material must follow the precepts of Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia’s media repository: have open license (ie, the file can be used freely), using a free of restrictions format (such as Ogg Vorbis) and be fruit voluntary contribution.
The first collaboration, apparently for testing, is the British actor Stephen Fry, who guest starred in The Hobbit and Alice in Wonderland, for example. When visiting your page on the English Wikipedia, one accompanied by the word icon “listen” (listening) appears right next to your name. Click there and you will hear the artist say his name.
The creators hope the idea spreads, of course. You are right that it will not happen overnight, but contributions have already begun. In addition to Stephen Fry, the BBC is already giving some files that can be integrated into WikiVIP, among which voice recordings of Tim Berners-Lee and Morgan Freeman.