Xiaomi Estaria Working in a Phone with Screen Flexible According to Your Latest Patent

Back in 2013, during the CES in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled a prototype of a flexible smartphone and, since then, some images next to any patents have been, but at the moment is not known with certainty when we could see it in the market. But the Korean manufacturer would not be the only one to take seriously this kind of terminals, also would be Nokia, Oppo, Lg, and now Xiaomi.
Xiaomi, which already innovated with my Mix and its near-absence of bezels, seems that you also want to get into this garden of the flexible smartphone, or at least that indicates his most recent patent. Gone are the times already that the Chinese manufacturer was limited to making cheap, good phones now intends to also sell innovative products.
As shown in the document, the phone would have two screens that could fold together, having a section for writing and one for viewing. However, the phone could not unfold to sit flat to not be able to open 180 degrees, they would come up to 160 degrees maximum. To get an idea, I would be as many mobile cap of yesteryear.
As with other manufacturers who would be working on their own folding phones, the date in which Xiaomi should ready their terminals is a mystery, But seeing that everyone is working in his own way, would not be surprising that all at the same time submit its proposal, giving a feeling of overwhelm us with both mobile flexible.