YouTube Says That Removing RickRoll was "a Mistake"

Contrary to what was initially reported by sites around the world yesterday – including our site – apparently Sony BMG had no participation in the temporary withdrawal of air from the original RickRoll video, gotcha who mess around n00bs with the success of the clip eighties Never gonna give you up, Rick Astley.
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  • Sony BMG sends YouTube take original RickRoll air [and changes his mind soon after]

Asked by the website Mashable, the YouTube took all the blame for the mistake that removed the video from the air for a few hours. Check out a translation freestyle official statement from the video site:
“Every minute about 20 hours of video are uploaded to our servers, and because of such demand we count on the members of our community who know our rules, to mark the videos they consider inappropriate in some way. We quickly assessed the marked videos and air can remove at least an hour. We also have a dedicated team to identify and remove the spam site. Occasionally an account is wrongly identified as spam source and so it can be removed from the air. When this happens, we are quickly able to identify the error and restore the videos and channels removed by accident.”