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Top 10 One-Year MBA Programs in the World

1. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

Location: Evanston, Illinois, USA


Location: Fontainebleau, France and Singapore

3. Instituto de Empresa IE Business School

Location: Madrid, Spain

4. University of Cambridge Judge Business School

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

5. University of Oxford Said Business School

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

6. Cornell University S. C. Johnson Graduate School of Management

Location: Ithaca, New York, USA

7. ESADE Business School

Location: Barcelona, Spain

8. Emory University Goizueta Business School

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

9. University of Florida Hough Graduate School of Business

Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA

10. Babson College Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA




Guam: Holidays, Events, and a Legend

Public holidays

There are a number of public holidays that do not have a fixed date but are based on the location of Easter. Easter takes place on the first Sunday that follows the first full moon after the beginning of spring. Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, which ends on Holy Saturday, is 46 days before Holy Saturday. The date for Pentecost is then 50 days after Easter. The Corpus Christi festival is celebrated on the 2nd Thursday after Pentecost. All Saints' Day is celebrated for Orthodox Christians on the 1st Sunday after Pentecost, but for Catholic Christians the date is fixed on November 1st. On October 31, Protestants celebrate Reformation Day. The Halloween festival also takes place on this day.

Date Holiday
January 1 New Year
3rd Monday in January Martin Luther King Day
3rd Monday in February Presidents' Day
1st Monday in March Crown Prince's birthday
March April Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday
May White Monday
Last Monday in May Day of remembrance
June Queens Birthday
July 4 USA Independence Day
7th of July Solomon Islands Independence Day
21 July Liberation Day
1st Monday in September Labor Day
2nd Monday in October Columbus day
November 2 All Saints Day
November 11 Veterans day
4th Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day
December 8 Immaculate Conception
24th of December Christmas
December 26 National Thanksgiving Day

Source: Countryaah - Guam Holidays

Guam Holidays

The festivals of the individual villages are worth a visit. The visitor is offered regional food and dances.

Regular sporting events

The Tennis Open takes place every two years.

A pretty legend

The Mermaid of Sirena

The legend of the mermaid tells of a young girl in Hagatna who preferred to bathe in the sea than to collect coconuts, as instructed by her mother. When the daughter was late because of this, the mother uttered the following curse: If Sirena likes bathing so much, then I hope that she will turn into a fish.

However, the godmother Sirenas said: "Please let the God-given part of her remain human". And so it so happened that Sirena turned into a mermaid.

Today there is a statue of the mermaid Sirena on the St. Antonio Bridge.

to eat and drink

The menu is dominated by fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits. But American fast food has also become a permanent fixture on the menu.

Guam: Travel Medicine, Vaccinations, and Warnings

Infectious diseases

In Guam, the following diseases, which are not or only sporadically widespread in Germany and Northern Europe, mainly caused by contaminated water and various foods, can be expected:

  • Lytico is a disease that leads to total absence in those affected when they are apparently conscious. Lytico's symptoms are also known as Parkinson's Dementia Complex because it causes slowness in movement and tremors in the limbs. There is no cure for the disease. The disease is also known in Japan and the Indonesian part of New Guinea under the name Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis with Parkinsonian Dementia (ALS-PDS). According to a study by the US Geological Survey, the rare brain disease Lytico could be due to certain algae toxins in the island's drinking water. Since the end of World War II, there is said to have been an extremely high rate of Lytico, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, in certain areas of the island.
  • Malaria, there is no risk of malaria
  • Dengue fever
  • Various intestinal diseases such as amoeba, shigella, worm infestation, lamblia or salmonella
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Polio, polio

The following vaccinations are recommended:

  • Diphtheria, a vaccination against diphtheria should always exist, also in the home country.
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Polio, polio, a vaccination against polio should always exist, also in the home country.
  • Tetanus, a vaccination against tetanus, should always exist, also in the home country.

Vaccination requirements There are no vaccination requirements when entering or staying in the country.

Current warnings

Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany

Citizens Service

Tel: 0049 - (0) 30 - 5000 - 2000

Guam: Currency and Shopping

The national currency of Guam is the US dollar = 100 cents.

Bank opening hours

The main banks of Guam are the Bank of Guam and the Bank of Hawaii.

ATM machines (cash machines) are plentiful.

Credit cards are accepted on the island.

The opening times of the banks are:

Monday to Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.



Due to the fact that Guam is a duty-free zone, you can buy cheap duty-free designer goods there alongside handicrafts and beachwear.


It is not customary to tip.

Guam: Climate and Travel Time

The climate on Guam is tropical, i.e. hot and humid with the mean temperatures and (few) rainy days shown in the table. The average temperatures vary very little over the year.

Northeastern trade winds blow from July to December and typhoons can sweep the island. By the way, the term climate means long-term weather reports, while the weather means statements about only a few days.

The best time to travel to Guam

The best travel time is from January to June. The climate is then not quite as hot and humid and you avoid the danger of being exposed to a typhoon. Sailors and other water sports enthusiasts who spend longer at sea should use this time as much as possible.

Climate table

The following table shows a range of climate data for the country. It should be noted, however, that such monthly average temperature values provide little information about the possible current minimum or maximum temperatures. It is not uncommon for average temperatures of around 30 C to reach maximum values of 40 C or even more on a number of days. The table therefore only provides a general overview of the climatic conditions in the country.

Month Average number of rainy days Mean maximum temperatures in (C) Mean minimum temperatures in (C)
January 01-03 28-30 23-25
February 01-03 28-30 23-25
March 0-02 28-30 23-25
April 0 28-30 23-25
May 01-03 28-30 23-25
June 0 28-30 22-24
July 0-02 28-30 22-24
August 0 29-31 22-24
September 0 28-30 22-24
October 01-03 29-31 22-24
November 05-07 28-30 22-24
December 07-09 28-30 23-25

Guam: Sightseeing

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are currently no UNESO world cultural or natural heritage sites in Guam. At the moment there are no proposals for Guamauch to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Cities in Guam


Hagåtña has around 1,100 residents, making it the second smallest settlement in Guam but still the capital of Guam. Hagåtña is located on the western coast of the island.


Dededo is the largest city on Guam with around 45,000 residents. The city is located on the Coral Plateau in northern Guam.

Special structures


Latte-Park, at the foot of the Kasamata Mountain in Hagatna.

Latte stones

The latte stones, brought to the park from the interior of the country around 500 AD, are remnants of the Chomorro culture. It is believed that the stones are the foundation piles of men's houses. The latte stones stand like mushrooms in the landscape, they are either made of coral or limestone and can be up to 6 m high. Latte stones are also found on the northern Marianne Islands.

Place of the two lovers

At the point that is marked today by two statues, legend has it that two lovers threw themselves into the sea to find death.

Statue of the chief Gadao/Inarajan

Museums and libraries

Guam Museum in Hagatna

The museum contains artifacts such as outrigger boats, fishing gear and portraits of chiefs.

Chomorro village in Hagatna Every

Wednesday evening there is a mini fiesta with dancing, handicrafts and local food.

Dededo Library

University of Guam

University of Guam

The University of Guam was founded in 1952. Their headquarters are in Mangilao. Around 3,500 students are currently studying at the following faculties:

  • Humanities
  • Computer science
  • art
  • mathematics
  • Natural sciences
  • pedagogy
  • Social sciences
  • Economics

Aquarium in Tumon

The aquarium at Hotel Row in the Tumon region on the west coast of the island is the largest tunnel aquarium in the world. In the region lies the economic and tourist center of the island with the main town Tamuning.

The "Guam Memorial Hospital" and the "Guam International Airport" are also located here.

Natural beauties

Talofo waterfalls

One of the most impressive waterfalls in Guam.

Sigua waterfalls/Yona

Tarzan waterfalls/Yona

Talofofo Caves

Ritidiant Point

This is a gorgeous sandy beach bay in the middle of a park that was formerly a coconut plantation.

Was in the Pacific National Historical Park/Asan

Sports facilities

Diving and Snorkeling

There are a number of good diving and snorkeling spots on the island. Due to the fighting in World War II, you can discover not only the interesting marine fauna but also numerous shipwrecks. In the waters are z. B. the wreck of the Nuestra Senore del Pila, which is believed to be one of the ten most valuable shipwrecks in the world. The Tokai Maru and SMS Comoran are two shipwrecks that lie next to each other and are a very popular diving destination. In the port of Apra, a ship formerly belonging to the Russian fleet lies at a depth of approx. 29 m.


The best season for surfing is December to June. There is an attractive surfing spot at the mouth of the Talofo River.


There are some picturesque bush walks on the island.


There are numerous golf courses on the island such as:

  • Windward Hills Golf Course/Yona
  • Country Club of the Pacific Golf Course/Yona
  • Manengon Hills Golf Course/Yona


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