California State University Long Beach Review (17)

University: California State University Long Beach

City: Long Beach

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Business Administration, Economics

Study type: semester abroad


Everyone has to find out for themselves why they decide to go abroad. It was clear to me from the start of my studies that I wanted to go abroad and spend a semester in the USA. Long Beach is a relatively small, but very beautiful city by American standards. It is located by the sea, very clean and green. The city’s location at the lower end of Los Angeles County is very good. From here you can quickly get to nearby larger cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, but also Las Vegas or San Francisco. But more on that later.┬áCheck top-medical-schools to learn information about Fermin Toro University Venezuela.

Studying at the CSULB, and thus also living in Long Beach, can be designed quite freely. The degree of difficulty of the individual lectures varies greatly, even within a faculty and within a year. On various Internet portals you can read the ratings for individual professors, which is very helpful when choosing courses.

Course crashing is a bit more complicated in some departments. With some professors, a conversation is sufficient, with other professors, however, you have to present various proofs of grades and mirrors in order to be accepted into the course. For two courses I even had to speak to the faculty management. However, the staff and professors at the university are very nice, and once you have submitted the necessary documents, you will be admitted to the course, as far as capacities allow.
As already indicated, the study content is very different. However, the (usually) two midterms are the same, in the summer semester usually shortly before and shortly after spring break, and the final. However, the weekly homework, quizzes and tests depend on the course. So the final grade is made up of many individual grades and the pressure in the finals is not that great. For this, more time must be planned for studying during the semester. Whether you like it is a matter of taste.
The library offers many learning opportunities, group work rooms as well as quiet work rooms and PCs.

The university campus leaves nothing to be desired. The leisure facilities with the university’s own fitness center, which extends over two floors, three covered basketball courts, a running track, a climbing wall, some squash and tennis courts, volleyball, handball or soccer fields as well as beach volleyball, a swimming pool, jacuzzi offer a very good balance to everyday university life.
In addition, the university has a bowling alley, billiard table, table tennis, a kind of “cinema” with a large television, armchairs, etc. and several game consoles, with which you can pass the time between the individual lectures very well. There is no canteen on campus, only a lot of fast food chains.


The semester can be basically financed with foreign student loans and the tuition fees are fully reimbursed. Anyone who wants/needs to earn extra money can take up a job on campus with the issued visa.
Depending on your lifestyle, you have to reckon with relatively high monthly costs. Rent, electricity and gas were about $600 per person per month. In addition, there is the food, which is expensive in the area around the university. You should also budget for travel and leisure expenses generously, as there is a lot to see and do in California and there are many destinations for weekend trips with friends.


Life in Long Beach, like all of Southern California, is very laid back. Depending on how you plan the courses, you have a lot of free time and can enjoy the days. There are usually no lectures on Fridays and I can only strongly recommend avoiding Friday courses and having the last course on Thursday afternoon, for example to be able to make weekend trips or similar.

(Healthy) groceries are very expensive depending on the district in Long Beach. There is no such thing as bread as we know it from Germany. For cheaper shopping, head to the Hispanic supermarkets in downtown Long Beach.

In terms of leisure, Long Beach also offers the opportunity to spend time on the beach in addition to the university offerings.
There are many cinemas, shopping malls and arcades.
At night, the time is mostly spent in sports bars, that’s a matter of taste. There are also a few clubs and bars in downtown Long Beach, which are usually open from Wednesday to Sunday. It should be noted, however, that the clubs and bars close at 2 a.m.
Then there are the house parties. Actually almost every weekend there are house parties somewhere where the people are very friendly and “strangers” are welcome. If the parties aren’t stopped by security or the police (like almost every time), they are very good alternatives to the clubs and bars.

Hollywood is not far. Of course it makes sense to spend evenings in Hollywood. The way there takes a little longer due to traffic, but the way back in 35-40 minutes is very fast by Southern California standards (don’t forget that most bars and clubs in Hollywood also close at 2 a.m.).
In addition, some students had often organized party buses from Long Beach to Hollywood and back during the semester abroad. Top.


For accommodation I would highly recommend the Crossings at the Bay Apartments or the Beverly Plaza Apartments. This is where most exchange students live and this is where you have the most fun. This is where people meet, the house parties take place and it only takes a few minutes (5-8) to get to the university by bus. Two or three different bus lines leave directly in front of these two apartment complexes and go directly to the university. A shopping plaza with supermarkets, restaurants etc. is right in front of the door.

Crossings at the Bay is a bit cheaper, but you should get an apartment on the top floor there. The apartments are mostly built of wood, so you can hear every step of the neighbors above you. So urgently move upstairs, the trampling is annoying!


In California you need a car. If you live close to the university, then you only need it on weekends for trips, or just to be mobile and go to LA, for example. Here it is advisable to book the weekend special from Enterprise rent a car. It’s $30 plus gas and insurance Friday through Monday. Insurance is very expensive, but you can also take out your own insurance and save a lot of money. (Google: Protect your Bubble).


The semester abroad in Long Beach was one of the best experiences of my life. Depending on your preferences, you can organize your (free) time very well and experience a lot.
If you want sun, sea, a good time and want to see and experience a lot of California, I highly recommend CSULB and Long Beach.
I would advise against the CSULB for those who are more concerned with studying and learning.

California State University Long Beach Review (17)

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