What to See in Turkey

Manavgat (Turkey)

The city of Manavgat is located near Side. It stands on two banks of the river of the same name. Tourists are primarily attracted by the nature of this region. Away from the city, a chain of Taurus mountains is visible, the slopes of which are covered with pine forests, it descends directly to Manavgat and is called Sorgun. The river valley is very beautiful, along which it is interesting to take a jeep safari, get to the Oymapinar artificial reservoir and see the Manavgat waterfall. The waterfall is not high, but the water flows down from the rocks in a powerful stream.

It is worth visiting the Altinbesik cave with small lakes, stalactites and stalagmites. All these sights can be seen while rafting down the river.

The beach areas are about 5 km from the city, the nearest resort to Manavgat is Side.

Marmaris (Turkey)

According to How Slang, Marmaris is located 90 km from Dalaman Airport on the coast where the waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet. Previously, the city was called Fiskos. Now there is only one reminder of the past – the ruins of a castle built in the 16th century. As a result of the earthquake, the main historical sights of the city were destroyed, and now it is a youth resort, where life is constantly in full swing and people have fun around the clock.

Marmaris is increasingly being called the “dancing city”, here along the coastline stretches a boulevard with many places of entertainment. There is a daily market in the city center where you can buy a wide variety of souvenirs. You should definitely try the local fragrant pine honey chambala.

In the landscape of Marmaris the sea, beaches and mountains covered with pine forests are perfectly combined. You can admire all this by renting a yacht or going on a sightseeing tour. The coast is always full of water sports enthusiasts, because all conditions are created here for them. Marmaris has long been the center of sailing in the eastern Mediterranean. Swimming directly on city beaches is not worth it, it is better to go to the suburbs, where the water is much cleaner. From the local port, excursions are offered to the Greek island of Rhodes, to Pamukkale, to the ancient city of Ephesus.

Sarigerme (Turkey)

The small village of Sarigerme is located 20 km west of Dalaman. It is surrounded by a pine forest, the delta of the Dalaman River and the mountains around the Fethiye resort are visible to the east. In Sarigerme there is an excellent beach, the length of which is 12 km. Directly opposite the beach near the shore is the rocky island of Baba Adasi, to which pleasure boats depart daily. The island protects the beach from the waves. The waters surrounding the island are a great place for diving. Divers prefer to dive here at sunset, when the underwater world is especially mysterious. The maximum diving depth is 25 m. Under water, you can see octopuses, moray eels, scorpion fish, and if you’re lucky, a red octopus that lives off the southern coast of the Aegean Sea.

From Sarigerme you can also make sightseeing trips to the ancient city of Didyma, where the temple of Apollo has been preserved, or to the ancient city of Miletus, where the philosopher Thales lived.

Side (Turkey)

Side is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 70 km from Antalya. The name of the city is translated into Russian as “pomegranate”, and its symbol is a pomegranate tree, which in ancient times personified fertility.

Previously, Side was a major trading port, and now it is a resort town. Along with favorable natural conditions, Side is famous for its archaeological heritage. Therefore, the resort is perfect for those tourists who want to combine their vacation with a rich excursion program. Among the many ancient monuments, it is worth visiting the ruins of the ancient amphitheater, the statue of Emperor Vespasian, the Temple of Fortune and the Roman baths, on the site of which the archaeological museum is located today.

Tekirova (Turkey)

The resort of Tekirova is located near Kemer. Tekirova is considered an elite holiday destination, it is surrounded by pine forests, and snow-capped mountain peaks are visible in the distance. The beach here is pebbly, along it there are hotels and bungalows.

In the vicinity of Tekirova there is a botanical garden, where a large collection of cacti from different parts of the world is presented. From the city you can go to the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis. Here are the remains of the port walls, the amphitheater, the paved road leading to the arch of Hadrian, the acropolis, as well as the ruins of water pipes, market squares and baths. According to one of the legends, Alexander the Great was buried in Phaselis.

Tekirova (Turkey)

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