Northern Arizona University The W.A. Franke College of Business

As one of the world top MBA programs that offer one year degree of Master of Business Administration, Northern Arizona University The W.A. Franke College of Business delivers its courses through classroom in a full-time base. This page provides major areas of study, financial information and physical location of Northern Arizona University The W.A. Franke College of Business – Flagstaff, Arizona. Also, you will find school official website, email address, and contact phone number of Northern Arizona University The W.A. Franke College of Business.

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MBA, Full Time (1 year)

Program Detail

Program Name MBA, Full Time
Program Overview
Areas of Study
  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics / Decision Science
  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategy
Joint Degree Offered No
Delivery Format Classroom
GMAT Score Average Total: 530
Tuition & Fees Residents, Total Program: ≈USD 18,612
Non-Residents, Total Program: ≈USD 28,383
Financial Aid Availability Financial aid available, contact school for more information
Start Dates &
Application Deadlines
Start Date Application Date

This program accepts rolling admissions.

Upcoming Events
Program Size Small class size-cohort limited to 50 students
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MBA Studies for Medium-sized Companies

German SMEs are an important factor in our economy. There are around six million companies and self-employed in German medium-sized businesses – and the trend is rising. If you are interested in a career in small and medium-sized companies, an MBA for medium-sized companies is definitely an option. Here you will find all the important information about studying and all universities that have a suitable range of courses on offer.

SMEs are very important in Germany! Hardly any other nation builds its economic success on small and medium-sized companies as much as it does here. Our export strength also results from the fact that there are many medium-sized companies based in Germany, which operate in their sectors and facets as market leaders and supply the world with their products and services.

Almost 16 million employees are currently working in medium-sized German companies. With this abundance of employees, SMEs provide more than half of all jobs in Germany and the small and medium-sized companies that have been German SMEs for decades generate around 35 percent of our country’s total turnover. The statistics also show that half of all medium-sized companies in our country have existed for up to 30 years, after all, eight percent have been around for over 100 years. This is further proof that small and medium-sized businesses are very important in Germany and are extremely important for our economy.

If you want to become part of this economic traction and are interested in a career in medium-sized companies, there are definitely opportunities to add an MBA after completing your studies, which prepares you for leadership responsibility in medium-sized companies. We explain how to do it here!

Is the MBA degree suitable for medium-sized companies?

While it was still common a few years ago that careers in small and medium-sized businesses actually managed without an MBA, MBA studies are now becoming increasingly important in small and medium-sized companies. The range of possible courses that prepare for management positions in medium-sized companies is growing and becoming more diverse.

Business knowledge and leadership skills are of great benefit to medium-sized companies. You will learn these in any case through the different courses in the field of MBA for medium-sized companies. It usually does not matter whether you already have a business background with your previous education or whether you have completed your first degree in a different area.

The MBA course for medium-sized businesses is definitely a good career turbo, because it teaches you special skills that prepare you for the challenges in small and medium-sized companies. Depending on the company, you can certainly start a career in medium-sized companies without an MBA, but a well-founded qualification with regard to the business requirements of medium-sized companies cannot hurt, on the contrary, it can further advance you.

Two study options to choose from

If you are interested in an MBA course for medium-sized companies, you usually already have previous business knowledge or at least a professional connection to a medium-sized company. With the help of the MBA degree, you can expand your basic knowledge and acquire advanced management skills. There are usually two study options available for this. You can choose to pursue an MBA course in the field of “corporate management” or “general management” or choose a general MBA. Business know-how plays a role in every offer.

  • Specialized MBA

This MBA offer is aimed primarily at those who already have business knowledge. This is no longer so much about imparting the basics of business administration, but much more about concretizing management know-how and leadership skills. In many cases, the MBA courses in Entrepreneurship and General Management are also internationally oriented and therefore require, for example, good English skills.

The specialized MBA course for SMEs provides prospective students with a multi-dimensional view of all areas of a company. The functional framework with regard to management tasks and management responsibility is examined and skills are imparted in these fields. Therefore, this MBA degree is aimed at people who want to learn long-term management skills for a career in senior positions.

  • General MBA

If your previous business knowledge is not yet so pronounced, there are a whole series of MBA courses across Germany that are designed to be significantly more general, so that you can acquire comprehensive basic management knowledge and thus expand your career with the help of this business knowledge.

The course focuses less on competencies in the field of small and medium-sized company management, but conveys general skills from the area of ​​business.

Study models: Part-time face-to-face or distance learning

There are not only two study options to choose from within the MBA courses, but there are also three different study models for medium-sized companies. A few degree programs are available full-time. This means that you are devoting yourself exclusively to the MBA course and are again a full-time student.

Most universities offer their studies as part-time studies, so that you can pursue the MBA course for small and medium-sized businesses in addition to your current job as an additional qualification. The offer differs between a part-time study course and distance learning.

When attending class, you have tuition at the university at regular times during the week or at the weekend and thus complete your MBA degree over a period of two to four semesters. Distance learning is more a kind of self-study, where you can usually study online regardless of time and place. You divide up your learning time yourself and determine the pace of your study progress.

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