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The Dublin Business School:

The Dublin Business School is spread over several buildings and rooms in Dublin city center. However, they can all be reached on foot within 5 minutes. Most of the courses take place in the two largest buildings anyway – “Aungier Street” and “Castle House”. There are two libraries: a smaller one on Dame Street and a larger one in the main building on Aungier Street. In both libraries there is the possibility to print out his scripts / slides, which are provided by the lecturers on the “Moodle” platform (comparable to our ILIAS, for example) free of charge. For your own documents you have to pay € 0.07 for black and white printing and € 0.25 for color printing. The rooms are very comfortably furnished (projector, PC, sound, upholstered seats, well-functioning air conditioning, heating, well-lit, …).

I took the courses in Consumer Analysis, Services Marketing, Selling & Sales Management and Human Resource Management. Each course has a lecture time of 3 hours per week. For students who only stay one semester from mid-September to Christmas, the courses to be completed usually consist of written reports, assignments or essays as well as presentations. Almost everything has to be worked on in group work with the number of group members between 3-5 people. No exams have to be written at the end of the winter semester, as these are only due at the end of each “Academic Year”. The Bachelor is divided into 3 years and not into 6 semesters like here in Hohenheim.

Who studies at Dublin Business School?

In the full-time courses, it is predominantly German and French students who together make up 60-70% of all students in the room, followed by many students from the USA. There are also occasional Swedish, Norwegian, Croatian and Asian students as well as students from many other nationalities. Check ehuacom to see more reviews from current students.

How are the lecturers? / How is teaching?

Since it is a private university, many lecturers come directly from the business world. Often they let their experiences from their previous jobs flow into the lessons. Less theoretical lessons are taught here than we are used to at Hohenheim. Models and theories are explained in much more detail, longer and more practically. For example, many videos from commercials are shown on YouTube or many images from print advertising, which are then discussed. In general, it’s a much more relaxed atmosphere. Here and there it reminds me a bit of my school days. There are numerous opportunities to improve your presentation skills. Certain lecturers regularly give you short case studies with questions that should be answered within a presentation. However, these are not graded, because it is not just about the content, but above all about practicing a presentation in front of a manageable crowd – (can vary from about 30 to 110 people.) In general, the staff is extremely friendly and also happy to help if anything is unclear. Most of the lecturers were very motivated.

I noticed negatively that one lecturer had clearly lost motivation after the evaluation (this is already after about 5 weeks and not at the end of the semester). In general, it sometimes seemed to us that students who are only at the Dublin Business School for one semester are more or less only used to cash in, as the lessons are absolutely not designed for one semester. The other students are given longer periods (up to February) for the same services and important, supportive information and tips for this were only announced shortly before Christmas – since our submission deadline was at the beginning of December, these tips did not bring us much!

City of Dublin:

The city of Dublin offers a lot of pubs to drink a GUINNESS, for example. The most famous area is probably “Temple Bar” in the city center. There is one pub after the other here and there is something going on every day.
A must for every tourist is the Guinness Storehouse. A visit to the museum costs about € 12 and includes a voucher for a Guinness on the top floor of the building with a great 360 degree view of the city.
Another museum is that of the Jameson Distillery.
A stroll through the huge Phoenix Park is certainly worthwhile.
The cost of living is a little higher here than in Stuttgart. Although the rental prices are comparable, you need a little more money than in Stuttgart due to the significantly higher costs for groceries. However, you can save quite a bit by clever shopping behavior.


A worthwhile day trip is certainly the bus tour to the approx. 200m high Cliffs of Moher, which are located on the west coast of Ireland. There are daily bus tours from Dublin, except at Christmas. In my opinion, the total price of 40 € for students is absolutely justified, especially since a stop is made in an Irish pub and in the city of Galway (with a short city tour). If you decide to go on the excursion, it is strongly recommended that you choose a day with reasonably good weather, otherwise there is a risk that visibility will be zero due to thick fog and you may hear the waves rushing, but does not look down to the sea. We had a rainy day and couldn’t see anything at first, but we were lucky that the fog cleared just in time and that we were able to take a few souvenir photos at the very end. So you shouldn’t book the tickets in advance, weeks in advance, but book them at short notice if the weather forecast is sunny.

Another great excursion is the Connemara & Cong bus tour for also € 40. There are great landscapes to see, an old Franciscan monastery and an old castle.

Another trip to Kilkenny that is recommended was offered by the Dublin Business School. For this you had to sign up on a list in good time, as the places are limited and in great demand. The bus takes you to the grounds of the Kilkenny Hurling Club. There you are welcomed nicely and former and active players explain the history and rules of the sport of hurling. Then you have the opportunity to actively demonstrate your skills with a hurling club and ball. There are instructions, explanations and tips. After exercising, you continue to the city center to strengthen yourself in the club owner’s pub. There is time for a tour of the city center and the great Kilkenny Castle.

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