Sights of Oranjestad, Aruba

According to allcitycodes, Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba on the Caribbean island of Aruba. The island is often visited by tourists who love good weather, clean beaches and of course the clear azure sea. In addition to the many shops, casinos and historical sites, there is also the government of the island. Since the Aruba oil refinery was closed in 1986, the tourist industry has been increasingly involved. That this is bearing fruit can be seen in the appearance of the island and the low number of unemployed. Due to the presence of many tourist attractions and excellent to excellent accommodation, it can certainly be called a luxury destination nowadays.

Oranjestad ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

Most likely this logo on LG Smith Boulevard is the most photographed object in the city today. Spread over the entire day you will see people or bridal couples standing there to take a picture with. The object is enormous in size and therefore not to be missed. You can also see the logo in stores on various items such as pens, key rings, bags and lighters.

#2. Fort Zoutman
This military fortress is also known for its Willem III tower in the colors blue, red and white. Fort Zoutman, which dates back to 1798, is the island’s first stone building. After several restorations and maintenance plans, it reopened to the public in 1983. Since then, the Aruba History Museum has been housed there. You will find the tower near the harbor and the Renaissance Suites on a side street of LG Smith Boulevard near the City Hall.

#3. Museo Historico Arubano
The historical museum of Aruba is located in the beautiful Fort Zoutman on the corner of Zoutmanstraat and Oranje Straat. Here the history of the island is told in a nutshell. It begins about two thousand years before Christ and runs through the story of the local refinery and the impact it had on the population.

#4. Royal Plaza Mall
This cheerful, colorful shopping center, together with the prestigious adjacent Renaissance Mall, forms the shopping heart of Oranjestad. Shops are interspersed here with various dining options. Here and there are some small stalls with the well-known bijouterie, bags and all kinds of souvenirs. There is also a bank and of course the frequently present jewelers can also be found here. Due to the colonial and colorful facade, this shopping center is not to be missed. It is located next to the Oranjestad Bus Terminal. Behind the Royal Plaza Mall and the adjacent Renaissance Marina Resort is another large shopping area with a pleasant square.

#5. Atlantis Submarine
That the Caribbean islands, including Aruba, are known as highly valued diving locations is known to many. But what if you don’t like diving? The solution for this can be found in Oranjestad, in the harbor at the Atlantis Submarine. The round facade is striking on the right side of the harbor. Here you can book a trip on a real submarine that takes you about forty meters (130 feet) deep into the ocean. Here you pass two wrecks where many different fish species like to have fun. Every now and then you will even pass a turtle or the dangerous barracuda along the way. The crew in the air-conditioned submarine tells you a bit about the environment, the tropical fish and the coral. The excursion is accessible for ages 4 and up. However, one must take into account a transfer trip by boat to the submarine and descending via a fairly steep and narrow staircase to get into the submarine.

#6. Museo Arqueologico Arubano
Since its foundation in 1981, many advances have been made in this archaeological museum when it comes to education and research. The beautiful buildings built in Dutch colonial style alone go far back in history as the property of the Ecury family. Nowadays, a permanent exhibition can be admired on a small five hundred square meters with all kinds of historical objects found and all kinds of other objects that tell more about the history and culture of the island. In addition, there are regular temporary exhibitions to see and workshops to follow.

#7. Renaissance Marketplace
Between the harbor and the Renaissance Suites is this Renaissance Marketplace. Here you will find many cozy shops, including a dive shop, clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, sunglasses and a small deli with smoking and drinks. The exterior consists mainly of restaurants and an ice cream parlor. The cuisines are diverse. For example, there is a Sushi restaurant, a Chinese, a pancake restaurant and brasserie. There is live entertainment on some evenings and an adjacent casino and cinema is a good addition. In the evenings on the terraces it is good to relax under the many fans that hang there.

#8. Barefoot
Between the Renaissance Suites and the airport is a small and fairly new beachfront complex. Here are some catering establishments where you can drink and swim or where you can enjoy lunch or dinner on the beach. Dining there is recommended. The setting sun, combined with good service, good ambiance and delicious food, is something special. The dress code is very casual. Flip-flops are allowed as well as shorts.

#9. Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino
Two hotels of the Marriott chain can be found at a very prominent location in Oranjestad on LG Smith Boulevard. The Renaissance Marina Hotel which is located across the harbor is only accessible for 18 years and older. Here you will also find a casino and shopping center with more exclusive brands. Special is a boat that leaves under the lobby to take you to an exclusive associated island further on. On the way, the boat stops next to the harbor to pick up guests staying in the adjacent Renaissance Suites. This associated hotel mainly houses families who are not welcome in the aforementioned hotel. Only guests of these two resorts are allowed to stay on this 40-acre Renaissance Island. The island, which is again divided into two parts, has a part with flamingos which is only accessible for 18+ and a part for families with children. There is also a dive shop, gym, spa and restaurant/bar.

#10. The Paddock
This Dutch catering industry with mainly Dutch service is perhaps the best location in Oranjestad. The colorfully decorated building shows what it stands for with its cows, girls from Zeeland and other attributes. The cafe part is furnished as a cozy brown cafe, with lots of pictures on which the atmosphere is well displayed. The restaurant part is simple with an equivalent simple card. Of course, the frikandels and the bitterballen are not missing. Every day of the week has its specialty, including as much burger as you can eat! Next to the Paddock are a number of stalls on the water with all kinds of souvenirs. NB! Prices go up when a cruise ship arrives.

Oranjestad, Aruba

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