Sights of Auckland, New Zealand

According to, Auckland is a city on the North Island of New Zealand. The city has a special bond with the water. it can therefore call itself one of the most beautiful harbor cities in the world. Residents do a lot of water sports such as sailing. Prestigious sailing competitions are also organized in Auckland. The City of Sails is important to New Zealand, but Auckland is not the capital. At the time, the city was named after the British officer Lord Auckland. This happened after Captain Hobson discovered Auckland in 1840. The territory was then bought from the original inhabitants, the Maori. Many Polynesians and Maori still live in Auckland, New Zealand. The modern city has many attractions and is a favorite destination among tourists and backpackers.

Auckland ‘s Top 10 Attractions

#1. Sky Tower

The Sky Tower has a height of almost 330 meters. With no less than 51 floors, the Sky Tower is the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere. On the top floor you will find a restaurant that, in addition to tasty dishes, also treats you to a 360-degree view of the city. The restaurant rotates. If you prefer to skip this, you can also take the elevator up where you will find a lookout. You can admire Auckland from above. You can also bungee jump from the Sky Tower in Auckland.

#2. Parnell

A free afternoon in Auckland is best spent in the Parnell district. This is the oldest district of Auckland and dates back to 1841. That is the year in which European foot was first set on New Zealand soil. Parnell is best described as hip and charming. You can eat well in one of the many restaurants. But you will also find plenty of exclusive shops and boutiques here. Near the Parnell district you can also visit the Rose Gardens or the Trinity Cathedral. This way you can combine 3 nice sights.

#3. One Tree Hill

A special attraction of Auckland can be found just outside the center. One Tree Hill is as the name suggests, a hill with only 1 tree. Originally, One Tree Hill is a volcano that is no longer active. An obelisk has been built on top of the hill, which you can see from afar. The best way to reach One Tree Hill in Auckland is by car or taxi. From the obelisk you can enjoy beautiful views over the center of Auckland.

#4. Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland has many museums, the War Memorial Museum being one of them. This special museum is also a war memorial. The building was built at the time to honor the soldiers who fell in the First and Second World War. You can view the Auckland War Memorial Museum from the outside as well as the inside. You will find impressive collections of finds from nature, but also remarkable objects of the Maoris. At the Auckland War Memorial Museum you can also learn all about the geological and general history of New Zealand. You can also visit rooms with interesting facts about the country’s military history.

#5. Viaduct Harbour

Viaduct Harbor is an impressive and beautiful harbor near the Wynyard Crossing Bridge. You can admire the most beautiful yachts here, but also enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner on the water. The harbor has quite a few nice restaurants and cozy cafes. Viaduct Harbor is close to the center of Auckland. You can relax here while you let your feet dangle in the water. Viaduct Harbor is also a bustling place in the evenings. You go here to look, but of course also to be seen while you stroll along the boats.

#6. Auckland Art Gallery

In the Auckland Art Gallery you will find an immense collection of more than 15,000 works of art. Here you can admire various forms of heritage, as well as works of art that tell you everything about the culture and history of the country. The collections consist of both modern and old art and is mostly made by artists from New Zealand. In the Auckland Art Gallery you will also find art that comes from the original inhabitants of Auckland, the Maori. A visit to the Art Gallery, also known as Toi o Tamaki, is definitely worth it. It reopened in 2010 after extensive renovations. From 2011 you can also visit the new gallery, which is also full of special works of art.

#7. Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto Island is located just off the coast of Auckland. From land you can reach the volcanic island in about 30 minutes by boat. The island is perfect for a sporty walk. Nature on Rangitoto Island is pristine and wild. If you are sporty enough, you can climb the 250 meter high old volcano. There are plenty of roads that lead you to the top. During your climb up you can even walk through caves in the Lava Caves. On top of the volcano you have a view of the various islands of the Hauraki Gulf. Keep in mind that there are no facilities on the island. So you have to take care of food and drinks yourself when visiting Rangitoto Island.

#8. Devonport

If you are in Auckland, then a visit to Devonport is definitely worth it. Devonport is just across the water and can be reached by boat or ferry. The picturesque village is a suburb of Auckland. If you enjoy strolling around and visiting small boutiques, then you should definitely not miss this attraction. From Devonport you also have a beautiful view of Auckland. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and the luxurious neighborhoods with a historic appearance. Most of the houses and buildings here have a Victorian architecture.

#9. Auckland Domain

The Auckland Domain is located near the Auckland Museum in the center of the city. This is an extensive park which is also the oldest in the city. You can relax here by taking a lovely walk, but you can also view various artistic expressions in the form of street art and murals. If you are a fan of tropical plant species, you can also visit the Domain Wintergardens in the Auckland Domain. These large greenhouses are full of special plants and flowers.

#10. K Road

K Road is short for Karangahape Road. It is a famous street in a district of chic Auckland. In addition to various entertainment venues, you will also find bars, restaurants and a red-light district on this street. K Road is located in the southern part of downtown. Karangahape Road is also known for its history. This used to be the habitat of the Maoris and the Polynesians. Now it is a bustling street that is full of life. Many famous stars and artists live there. A great neighborhood to enjoy an afternoon on the terrace or to enjoy a perfect meal.

Auckland, New Zealand

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