Indiana Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Indiana

To the north, along the edges of Lake Michigan, drifting sandhills cover the Indiana coastline.

Major glaciers from the last Ice Age have certainly left their marks in northern Indiana, as the rolling land is rocky, and dotted with dozens of small lakes. The north central part of the state is the fertile, rolling farmland, the Corn Belt commonly called America, which also extends into the states of Illinois and Iowa. Much of the southern half of Indiana is hilly as the state’s land begins its gentle rise in the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau of eastern Kentucky. Underground caves and streams, also hundreds of small (mostly seasonal) waterfalls are commonly found throughout this area.

Numerous river cliffs overlook the Ohio River, the river that forms its entire border with Kentucky.

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Indiana’s most respected river, the Wabash, winds its way through the center of the state. Additional rivers of note include the Kanaki, Patoka and White. Lake Monroe is the largest lake in Indiana.

Indiana Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  1. Ottis Adams artist

George Aid columnist, playwright

William Afflies football player, wrestler

Basketball player Steve Alford, coach

Joseph P. Allen astronaut

Leon Ames actor


Basketball player Alison Bales

Актриса Arija Bareikis

Clint Barmes baseball player

Actress Julia Barr

Actress Ann Baxter

Birch Bayh II politician

Evan Beich’s politician

Footballer DaMarcus Beasley

Violinist Joshua Bella

Steve Bellamy media entrepreneur

Albert J. Beveridge historian, politician

Baseball player Larry Bigby

Basketball player Larry Byrd

Bishop Blaine is a football player

Bill Blass fashion designer

Monte Carlo Blue Actor

Jeremy Burda former Chief Naval Operations

Astronaut Frank Borman II

Politician Otis R. Bowen

Astronaut Kenneth Bowersox

Baseball player Phil Bradley

Donald Brashear hockey player

Avery Brooks actor

Astronaut Mark N. Brown

Ambrose Burnside soldier, industrialist, inventor, politician

Baseball player Donny Bush

Jack Bucher basketball coach

Dan Butler actor

Earl Butz former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture


David Canary actor

Maria Cantwell politician

Homer Capehart politician

Baseball player Max Carey

Big sandwich with composer Carmichael

Jared Carter poet

William Merritt Chase artist

Basketball player Calbert Cheaney

Footballer Mark Clayton

Footballer Rosevelt Colvin

Lou Krieger baseball player

Actress Mary Jane Croft

Benjamin Sherman “Scatman” Crazes actor, singer

George Crow baseball player

George Joseph “Rock Hewing ” Cappy baseball player

William “Will” Cappie humorist, literary critic

Baseball player Chad Curtis

Jay Knife Footballer


  • Jim Davis cartoonist, creator of Garfield
  • James Dean actor
  • Eugene W. Debs union leader, politician
  • Ken Dilger football player
  • John Dillinger bank robber
  • Terry Dischinger basketball player
  • Major Dodge actor
  • Basketball player Katie Douglas
  • Lloyd K. Douglas author
  • Written by Theodore Dreiser
  • Paul Dresser songwriter


  • Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds songwriter, musician
  • Astronaut Anthony “Tony” England
  • William Hayden English politician
  • Mike Epps actor, comedian
  • Carl Erskine baseball player
  • Trai Essex Footballer
  • Chad Everett actor

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