Mississippi Geography and Famous Natives

Geography of Mississippi

The heart of the Mississippi sits between two lowland plains; the Mississippi Plain (or Delta) to the west and the Gulf Coastal Plain to the east. In general, central Mississippi is hilly as the land rises gently from the Gulf of Mexico coastline to the far northeast highlands, where the state’s highest point, Mount Woodall, reaches 806 feet (246 m). The Gulf of Mexico coastal wetlands stretch from Texas to Louisiana, then on through the Mississippi, Alabama and northwest Florida. This is the area of ​​bays, bogs, estuaries, swamps and swamps. The most important Mississippi river is the Mississippi.

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it rises in northwestern Minnesota, then flows south into the Gulf of Mexico, just below the city of New Orleans. It is a significant transportation artery, and when combined with its major tributaries (the Missouri and Ohio rivers) it becomes the third largest river system in the world at (2,339 miles) (3,765 km) in length.

The state’s longest indigenous river, the Pearl flows about 450 twisted miles south of the state’s eastern center into the Gulf of Mexico. Other significant rivers include the Big Black and Yazoo. The state’s largest lakes are all artificial, and they include Enid, Grenada, and Sardis, as well as the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

Northeast Jackson.

The Mississippi coastline includes a series of bays separated from the Gulf of Mexico itself by the very shallow Mississippi Sound, fronted by the small islands of Petty Bois, Horn, Vessel and Cat, called (as a group) the Gulf Islands National Coast.

Mississippi Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those who have either lived within the state for most of their adult lives or have made significant contributions to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Actress Mary Alice
  • Dana Andrews actor
  • William Athaway author


  • Howard Bahr author
  • Willie Banks singer
  • Red Barber sports announcer
  • Governor Hayley Barbour, politician
  • Richard Barthe sculptor
  • Ralph Boston Olympic medalist
  • Kenny Brown musician (born in AL)
  • Vivian Brown Meteorologist
  • Jimmy Buffett singer, songwriter
  • Robert Lee “RL” Burnside singer, songwriter
  • Choreographer for John Butler, director of ballet


  • William “Billy” Cannon football player
  • Actress Lacey Cheybrta
  • James Cheney civil rights activist
  • Alvin Childress actor
  • Written by Doris Christian-Johnson
  • Craig Claiborne restaurant writer, food writer
  • Gerald “Jerry” Clower comedian
  • Harry A. Cole chemist, inventor of pine salt
  • David L. Cook singer
  • Wyatt Emory Cooper writer, screenwriter


  • Paul Lavon Davis singer, songwriter
  • Musician Bo Diddley
  • Marcus L. Dapri football player
  • John Dae actor
  • Civil rights leader Charles Evers
  • Civil rights leader Myrley Evers-Williams


  • William Faulkner author
  • Brett Faivre football player
  • Allen Fillingham web designer, Travian god
  • Shelby Foote author, historian
  • Richard Ford author
  • Morgan Freeman actor, director
  • Actress Cynthia Geary
  • Bobby Gentry singer, songwriter
  • Musician Mickey Gilli
  • Gary Grubbs actor, playwright


  • Actress Alice Haining
  • Actress Lynn Hamilton
  • Barry Hanna writer
  • Lucia Harris basketball player
  • Inventor Elizabeth Lee Hazen
  • Beth Henley screenwriter, actress, playwright
  • Puppeteer Jim Hanson, Muppets creator
  • Anthony Herrera actor
  • Singer Faith Hill


  • Don Jeffcoat actor
  • Robert L. Johnson founder Black Entertainment Television (bet)
  • Robert Leroy Johnson musician
  • James Earl Jones actor
  • Actress Simbi Khali
  • B. King musician
  • Actress Diane Ladd
  • Daniel Curtis Lee actor
  • Tom Lester actor


  • Tom Malone musician
  • Archie Manning football player
  • James “Jimbo” Masus singer, songwriter, musician
  • Basketball player Antonio McDiessa
  • Steve McNair footballer
  • Gerald McRaney actor
  • Mary Ann Mobley Miss America, actress
  • Singer Dorothy Moore


  • Ellis Nassour author, playwright
  • Brandy Norwood singer, actress
  • Actress Carrie Nye
  • Potter George Ocher
  • Roy Oswalt baseball player


  • Composer Parks van Dyck
  • Walter Payton footballer
  • Founder of Hartley Peavey peavey electronics corporation.
  • Joseph “Pinetop” Perkins singer, musician
  • Astronaut Donald Peterson
  • Robert Pittman MTV founder
  • Evelina Prira actress, singer
  • Elvis Presley singer
  • Opera singer Leontina Price
  • Charlie Pride singer


  • Jerry Lee Rice footballer
  • Beha Richards actress
  • Singer Lynn Rimes
  • Eric Roberts actor
  • Robin Roberts Television Host
  • Jimmie Rodgers singer
  • Dwayne Rudd footballer


  • Savings of the Abel Music Group
  • Larry Semona actor, director
  • Kevin Sessams singer
  • Bull rider by Chris Shivers
  • Frederick W. Smith FedEx founder
  • Actress Britney Spears
  • Actress Stella Stevens
  • John Marty Stewart singer, songwriter, musician


  • Written by Donna Tartt
  • Deputy Director James A. (Gene) Thomas Kennedy Space Center NASA
  • Paul Wayne Thorne singer, songwriter (born in WI)
  • Group 3 Doors Down
  • Astronaut Richard (Dick) Truly
  • Ike Turner singer
  • Conway Twitty musician
  • James Michael Tyler actor


  • Sela Ward actress
  • Muddy Waters singer
  • Jim Weatherly singer, composer
  • Ida Wells-Barnett civil rights activist
  • Eudora Welty author, Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Tennessee Williams playwright
  • Al Wilson footballer
  • Oprah Winfrey television talk show host
  • Keith Woodside football player
  • Written by Richard Wright
  • Tammy Wynette singer, songwriter
  • Roy Yeager musician

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