Anklets Tinker with Elastic Wire

It’s almost so far; Summer is here! Time for vacation and to enjoy the sea and the Sun. In the evening if it stays long bright, you can stay out long sit. What fits there perfectly to your summer outfit? An own homegrown anklets in great colors!

An Anklet is quickly made and you need not many beads to. Threaded on Elastdraht it is also simple. Actually, this is also particularly handy wire. Then you can turn the anklets quickly and again to set. It is important that you do not swim with their anklets. The salty water of the sea and also chlorinated swimming pool water are bad for the beads. Especially the natural materials can be quickly destroyed. Of course, beads should not rust. Continue reading  

How to Choose Shoulder Bag

The sleeve with shoulder strap is a bag to the undeniably timeless look. You can find it in several different colours. She is adopted by fashionistas around the world.

The cross body leather wallet still has a very bright future that awaits him in the world of fashion. Bag & Shoes gives you all the tracks to find the template you need!

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ADAM Audio Column MK 3

We all know the attraction, to take advantage of a technique that not everyone has the own hi-fi system, be it tubes or turntable. With the speaker, where dynamic chassis dominate, the Magnetostaten make up the famous Gallic village against the mainstream. Such as ADAM audio.

  1. ADAM audio column MK 3
  2. Data sheet

Magnetostaten with foil membrane are so to speak the refined version of the Ribbon: increasing impedance such as electromagnetic field, a multiple spiral or curved track onto a non-conductive membrane film is applied, usually glued. So can build more in the width of the drivers and benefits Piega yet from the light weight and smooth drive – and infinity are prominent advocates of this mode. The admittedly more challenges in terms of attaching the magnets (they must equally close to the traces be) and own bundling (the membrane may be not too large). Continue reading  

Where is The Recycling of LED Bulbs?

The LED market is growing. Used in our screens, cars and bulbs, their exceptional life span. But are LEDs at the end of their life recycled? Hervé Grimaud, Managing Director of Recylum, an eco-organization responsible for collecting used light bulbs, gives us an update on the situation.

” In 2014, we collected about 10 tons of LED bulbs, or nearly 200,000 units out of a total of 4,600 tons of bulbs, ” says Hervé Grimaud, Managing Director of Récylum . “It’s still very insignificant, but we’re working on it,” he says. Because LEDs have been developing for a few years in the lighting market , there is a very wide variety of products, both in terms of form and the consituants used. Tests are therefore under way to study the best way to recycle them. Continue reading  

Men’s Shoes For Autumn 2016

The wet-cold autumn has definitely arrived – the time to adjust the wardrobe of the new season!Since the colorful season is often unstable, robust and fashionable footwear is now an absolute must.

To help you with this year’s search for new companions, I have put together the great shoe trends of autumn 2016 for you.

With these trendy men’s shoes, you can look forward to the stormy months.I wish you lots of fun! Continue reading  

Twin Pregnancy In Assisted Reproduction

Twin Pregnancy In Assisted Reproduction

Pregnancy With Twins, A Joy In Double Dose, But Requires Extra Careful.

pregnancy with twins

It is very common to Pregnancy with twins in assisted reproduction. Many peopleare crazy to have children and, on behalf of this dream, for they cannot naturally, try all forms give a “little help” to nature, running behind the more different kinds of fertility treatments. One of the most used methods and with higher chances of success is the assisted reproduction. But, although it is very effective and safe, the treatment has a high cost, not being accessible to all couples.

For those who have the good fortune to be able to afford a treatment of assistedproduction, it comes time: after a long wait, where the egg is fertilized. Imagine the joy it must be to the woman, to know that they have a life being generated withinit. By the way, and when the joy come in double dose? Not understand? People, inmany cases of pregnancy with the aid of assisted reproduction, pregnancy is common car; that is, twins!

Pregnancy with twins

The joy of having two lives being generated is doubled but the care that must be taken with mother and children?

According to the obstetrician Wladimir Taborda, the biggest concern on the partof doctors and pregnant women is the risk of premature births. About 80% of cases of premature births occur in pregnancy with twins.

Pre Christmas in pregnancy is essential

So it is essential that the expectant mother in pregnancy with twins go through a rigorous, with more prenatal examinations and consultations that in conventional pregnancy. Care must be greater still in cases of pregnant women with more than 35years, after all, the age heightens further the risks to mother and baby.

pregnancy with twins

Pregnancy with twins

In addition to premature birth, other exposures in pregnancy with twins that need to be avoided is the emergence of hypertension, hemorrhages and pré-eclâmpsias, that’s because the chances of pregnant women develop such problems are alsolarger than in the other pregnancies.

Although it is an even bigger thrill, couples need to have healthcare that science will need to take during the whole pregnancy with twins. In fact, physicians should warn patients who will undergo assisted reproduction treatments at higher risk of going on a “double dose”.

When babies are born, it is normal for most go to the NICU. This is a natural procedure due to the weight of the babies, usually are born weighing less than 2 pounds. Another reason for this procedure is that it’s easier than the little ones have respiratory complications need a special service. So dads, keep in mind that it’s good to find a motherhood well structure and equipped so that everything runs smoothly in your so expected postpartum twins!

Aware of all precautions to take during pregnancy, enjoy this gift that is to have two babies at once! See more on

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About the author:

Graduated in pedagogy by UNITAU, specialized in the area of special children. Mother of two children, currently is dedicated to the blog and the family.

Sleepwear Keeps You Warm

It’s freezing outside and in the evening the man has taste really bundle up into something warm. But what if you don’t want to end up in your pajamas, which looks as if the inherited after his grandfather? We have tips for beautiful pieces!

On the economical Nightgowns it now. But it doesn’t mean that you have to turn into an asexual being. And pajamas and Nightgowns, that they can warm up, you may also fit the Bill.

The Opposite Problem

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Mother and Baby Fashion

Money Is The Number 1 Cause Of The Discussions Of The Couples In The Third Quarter, According To A Survey Of Babycenter.
It’s not very surprising, if we think of all the new expenses that entails a baby, as well as the temporary or permanent loss of salary that can be subject if consideringa prolonged maternity leave or leave completely to work. But there are some simple ways to maintain the good atmosphere, explains Roger Gibson, author of “FirstComes Love, Then Comes Money: Basic Steps to Avoid the # 1 Conflict in Marriage.” “Firstly, gather as much information about their finances,” he explains. “Have a good idea of the financial implications of becoming parents so soon and talk in order to examine in due course the lifestyle and financial adjustments required, can help avoid discussions”, continues. Here’s how to start: Continue reading  

Handbags-Firmly on Their Side

Birkin or Kelly? In her book “For the Love of Bags”, the most popular handbags of yesteryear presents Julia Werner and reveals how social media fire on the success of the accessories.

Mirror ON LINE: In your photo book classic and unusual handbags imagine, for example, the Kelly Bag and more well known models from other international labels. One has provoked a decision of the District Court Erding even 2012. Why?

Werner: Right, that was the knuckle clutch by Alexander McQueen. The grip is inspired by a brass knuckles. Customs officials at Munich Airport seized them, because they thought they could use the bag as a weapon. The wearer sued, the Court noted that the grip is actually just a grip. The woman regained her bag. The knuckle clutch but not only about that caused a conversation piece, she was just a spectacular model.

Julia Werner, born in 1979, is style columnist for the Southgerman newspaper and since July 2015, Deputy Editor in Chief of German glamour. Werner lived and worked for five years in Florence, the Centre of the international leather art.

Mirror ON LINE: Designers need to create such models to get noticed or do’s and classic bags? Continue reading  

Speaker Piega Master One

PIEGAS new flagship master one (30000 euros the pair) with special sex appeal: you comes in the medium frequency range as a true dipole.

  1. Speaker Piega master one
  2. stereoplay interview with development leader Kurt Scheuch
  3. Data sheet

You must certify the Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer Piega rightly that it builds with the most perfect body in the world market. The aesthetically shaped body of sound usually consist of extremely stiff, bonded aluminium profiles and are sent bracing on the basis of long-term trials damped. And yet development leader Kurt Scheuch couldn’t an idea out of your head: perhaps even no housing is the best housing… Half of the emitted sound energy of a driver – equal, whether high -, medium -, or woofer – goes Yes backwards. Since you usually but did not want her and therefore rear flanges to housing. SCHEUCH: “of course this energy fizzles out sometime in the insulation material of the box. “But until then the reflections can cause all sorts of damage.” Continue reading  

Disassemble LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are often quite easy to dismantle, but attention to the presence of the sector if you want to do some tests under tension. It often happens that a LED bulb failure is due to a power failure (the little electronic card housed in the base of the bulb) or a failure of a single LED in the case where the LEDs are all mounted in series. See an example of LED bulb down that was opened.

Dismantled LED bulb: mechanical components, power and card with LEDs. Continue reading  

What Is The Best Sleeping Bag For Me?

There are sleeping bags in many different shapes, sizes and colors. But how do you choose the best model from the vast offer? What is the best sleeping bag for you? It makes quite a difference whether you need a sleeping bag for a lodging or that you are looking for a sleeping bag for winter camping.

In what situation do you use a sleeping bag?

The starting point is always that of the sleeping bag, when and where you use it, is warm enough and comfortable. Unfortunately, there are (still) No sleeping bag, the both at + 35 ° C-15 ° C is perfect. Ask yourself before buying a sleeping bag, when you use the sleeping bag. Only in the summer or even in colder months? In a tent or in the House when you have guests? There are two sleeping bag models: a ceiling sleeping bag and a mummy sleeping bag.

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How to Use Midi Skirt

They are feminine, stylish and very romantic with your time exactly in the middle of the Shin. The midi skirts came to stay and are making the biggest success. They are good to use at any time, whether at work, in a walk or even to go out with friends. Everything depends on the other parts and the right accessories to not make ugly.

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Wall Tattoo Polka Dots and Stars

Spot Landing – Polka Dots as a wall decoration

Looking for a change of scenery?Maybe some more color to the wall or new pictures hang?Especially women often have the need to decorate their four walls and refresh something.And since the walls dominate the living space, something has to be changed.Whatever is more modern and trendy are the slightly different wall decorations like wallstickers and wall tattoos.This not only eliminates the elaborate renovation, painting or buying new pictures and posters.This type of wall decoration is perhaps the most versatile and varied way to transform the apartment into something new.Meanwhile, every trend is reflected in wall tattoos and wall stickers . Continue reading  

Herschel Backpacks Are Back in!

Herschel are backpacks all the rage this season.

Backpacks are back in – it proves the Canadian Pocket label Herschel!

Long came the large backpacks out of fashion, replaced by stylish bags which should serve not the purpose, but rather simply just good looking. Herschel connects exactly: the useful with stylish appearance.
At first glance, a Herschel looks backpack as an ordinary backpack. But when you hold the backpack in hand you can see that this is a real space saver.
founded in 2009 by Jamie and Lyndon Comack, the two designers should always be high quality materials, so that the backpacks promise you a long service life. The combination of trendy patterns and great decorations designed the label backpacks that can allow to see clearly again. Continue reading  

Choose the Right Lingerie Is Important For Every Woman

Find out why.

Every woman her lingerie.

The lingerie, faithful ally of the woman. All the time. From adolescence to adulthood. Since the physicality is just immature and femininity is only hinted. Since the desire to feel big, beautiful and sensual is much until the maturity and awareness are the masters. In short, different stages, equally diverse needs, but one huge inseparable companion, underwear, changing and adapting to life moments, wishes and body in full evolution. Continue reading  

Wall Decoration Coffee and Tea

Beautiful wall tattoos coffee or tea!

Stylish and beautifully designed wall tattoos on coffee and tea!
You like tea and / or coffee and would like to try a new type of wall decoration? Then get to know Wandtattoo Coffee or Wandtattoo Tee!
Wall tattoos are now available in many shapes and colors and the theme of enjoyment has been taken up with the wall decoration coffee or tea.You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, coffee or tea varieties, as well as fonts, and simply conjure your favorite drink to the wall and bring new whistles into your kitchen or living room.The tattoos are inexpensive, robust and easy to apply and replace. Continue reading  

Speaker B & W XT 8

B & W has trimmed his new XT 8 (3000 euros) ostensibly on design. Manage the balancing act between strength and beauty?

  1. Speaker B & W XT 8
  2. Interview with Stefan Splawski (B & W)
  3. Data sheet

When new products to stores, buying-willing fans expect new sound records. But just when pit, the visually striking units of the chain, also the optics must be. Otherwise, the supposed quantities Renner to the shopkeeper, take only painless purists shortlisted mutates. Continue reading  

Which Tent Is Right For Me?

You go for the first time with the caravan holiday. You have already bought the caravan, but would you also like to a tent. Or are perhaps for many years with the trailer on the road and this will now finally replaced? Both situations are a good reason to buy a new Caravan. But how to choose from now the awning from the wide range of materials, depth, colors and brands, that suits you best? We help you jog your memory, so that you see the forest for the trees again.

A good selection from this great range of awnings meet, is the most important question: “How would you camp?” Take three or four weeks on vacation once a year? Do you prefer a fixed pitch on which during the entire camping season or maybe all year leaving your tent? Or you go away more often for a few days, but then just to various campsites? There is a suitable awning for every tent way. Of course even at Obelink.

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8 Pair of Sports Glasses Suitable For Running in the Sunshine

We have listed what you should consider when you’re buying sunglasses for running and tested eight of this season’s pair, check out the winner here!

Shop sports optics specializes in sports glasses. Lars Quinn, owner of the shop gives you his best tips here!

What is a good criterion when choosing sunglasses for running?
-The most important thing is that the glasses fit properly without Bob. The easiest way is to choose a couple that are lightweight and have adjustable näsdel. If, in addition, can adjust the bows, it’s a plus, says Lars. Continue reading  

8 Tips To Find a Great Value Camping

Camping is a fairly inexpensive form of vacation make, so one often hears. Of course relative terms are reasonably priced, and expensive. In my opinion you can camping make so expensive, how you want. You go to a camping site with many facilities, then you pay for it, no matter whether you make use of the facilities. Choose one for a smaller camping site or in any case with less facilities, then feel that, in a positive way, in your purse. As an experienced camper and as an accountant who pays attention to his money, I give you some tips for searching for a cheap camping place.

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