How Often And How You Have to Wash Your Bra?

We are many women who do us these questions, How often have to wash my bra? Is it good wash every day? Can I put it in the washing machine? How I have to do? Mainly because we fasteners perfect last a very short time, break, deform or lose color soon acquired if any.

The Lingerie for women has a connotation in many cases and moments of ” whim “. We bought Lingerie, Sets Underwear , Knickers Sexys, bras with lace and trimmings … because they make us feel beautiful, feminine and sexy. That’s why we like perfect care and maintenance as long as possible. If we change bra that is by whim or change, but not necessarily! true?

We will give you a series of tips and tricks for the bra will last as long as possible and also 100% perfect. How to wash the bra ?. How often do you wash your bra? Keep reading…:)

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Improper Use of a Bra Does not Cause Disease

Because we believe that information gives us the power to consciously decide, today we want to tell you what are the consequences of using improper bra or cup size and wrong.

Let’s point out: the improper use of a bra, it can cause injury, pain and endless discomfort caused by anything that may arise from misuse. 

Many doctors renowned in senology indicate that, from the most obvious to the most unthinkable, these injuries, aches, and pains marks, refer wearing the right bra.

What causes are not diseases. There is no scientific evidence that may relate directly or indirectly to the fastener with a disease.

And in any case, any problems associated with breast pain misuse of a brassiere, refers to use it properly.

We can cite some very common.

Using the wrong size bra can cause

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New Xbox One S from Microsoft Leaked Ahead of Launch

The Xbox One is replaced by the smaller and stronger Xbox One p. View the leaked press photos and specifications here.

Microsoft holds in the morning press conference at the end of E3 in Los Angeles, United States. The biggest news, a new Xbox console, however, already seemed to be unleashed.

On the games forum NeoGAF, is the first press photos of the upcoming console, dubbed Xbox One S, namely let out.

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Lingerie Wedding

This week we dedicate a post event we attended this past weekend, The Wedding Fair 2015, held at Hotel Alicante Golf,  located in San Juan, Alicante.

LaCorsetera wanted to be present and participate in this fair where thousands of engaged couples came to her in order to get prepare a dream wedding.

BodaStory (Social Network Exclusive Wedding) suggested we attend and participate in this show and saw a perfect opportunity to show our bridal lingerie all those girls who want to be more than perfect on her wedding day. That lingerie on more than one occasion, as in the post: “Wedding Lingerie: Garments Interior More Romantic”  I have recommended to you at your wedding, you never fail even the smallest detail that you look missing.

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Caring for Your Chest to the Sun

Woman Health: Protect your chest sun

Summer is already at its peak and with it, the holidays, the days of sun and beach, swimming pools … Today we want to give you some valuable tips to protect your chest under the sun.

If you do  topless  at the beach you can not forget that the skin covering our breasts is  more sensitive, fine white  than the rest of the body, mainly because usually protected by the fastener. You should also be aware that the  exposure uncared sun  dehydrates and ages, making it lose its elasticity and support capabilities, ie, causing wrinkles and premature fall of the chest. Hence it is so necessary to take measures to prevent damage. These simple precautions begin long before being seen on the beach. Even if you do topless, with any bikini or bathing suit skin neckline that has been covered and protected, so that they may also find useful tips to prevent premature aging of the area exposed. Note that the area should try more carefully consists of chest, neck and neck.

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The Modular Smartwatch, BLOCKS, Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

Now you can pre-order the modular Android smartwatch BLOCKS, where you can connect a lot of little modules as part of the strap.

It is not only smartphones like LG G5 and Moto Z, which is distinguished by being modular. Now you can also pre-order the long awaited smartwatch BLOCKS that store at the same special property-just in the smartwatch format and as the first of its kind in the world.

In October last year were Android-Agency funded by interested buyers through the website Kickstarter. Just as is seen with many other of these so-called crowdfunding-projects was the modular BLOCKS-watch of unknown reasons hit by delays.

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How to Wash My Bathing Suits without Dying

One week we continue with Tips and Tricks very useful for your undergarments continue for much longer alive and having a perfect color Like the first day!

This time is to give you some very practical of advice for swimwear. We want your Bikinis and Swimsuits your this year will last in perfect condition and as if you bought it acabárais until the last day of pool or beach :)

We started…

It is very important that before cutting the label of any bikini or swimsuit, read the washing instructions specific to that tissue type well, since in some cases, have to follow some specific steps according to the composition of the fabric. We’re going to give you some general tips, which can be perfectly matched to any rule bikini or swimsuit washing, but just in case, it never hurts to read the instructions leads the suit on its label;)

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Overview: Glimpses of Possible iPhone 7, Google Shows Tango Speed

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

Apple will soon offer more news at this year’s WWDC-trade fair for developers. Prior to the event it already with mo information trickles on what tech-giant will showcase, both on software, but also on the hardware front.

How can iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro get to watch out
Apart from the many recent rumors have a designer created some very detailed 3D-models of how iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro can end up looking like.

Apple event on Monday-this can you expect
When Apple on Monday holds WWDC event, we can expect more news from the manufacturer. Here is what you can look forward to.
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How to Get a Super Tight Dress you Feel Perfect

With good weather many events are close and how could it be otherwise, we like to show off our body as long as we feel comfortable and secure ourselves.

We have beautiful dresses in our closet that we dare not get for how we will, look tremendously beautiful dresses in the windows of our favorite stores and not to probárnoslos because we thought we will not make a pretty and feminine silhouette. Well this is complete nonsense!  There is a simple way to get that dress that we like feels great time.

Many famous, like  Patricia Conde  or  Anne Igartiburu  already know these simple and quick to show off a wasp waist and a silhouette of tricks scandal. The  girdles  and body shaper  is the fastest option to feel beautiful and perfect when silhouette.

Want to know what your or your Cincher Shaper Perfect? It’s simple… depending on the type of garment you want to wear, you must use a belt or another, here we show how to use each time :)

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Tips for Choosing the Right Bra Size

Many of us will make us a world to find the likes of right bra, in fact, we are often reluctant to shop online for if we fail with bra size or if we then cost you money back bra the correct size once and we would have tried at home, right?

For we want to have two secret;) The first is that we are going to show below a table of sizes with which will be very easy guide to find your perfect bra size with two easy tricks. The second secret is that if not guess right with the likes do not worry, the change for another size or model (if you do not like to see it personally) is completely free:) In fact, if you do not guess right the first, you call to help right the second with your size. You will not have to worry about anything!

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Moto X-Series Does Not Disappear Anyway

After the launch of the modular top model Moto Z indicated that Moto X-series would be a thing of the past. However, it is not the case, assures the Motorola.

In addition to a completely new design and the possibility to connect a host of smart modules on the top model from the Lenovo-owned Motorola got the top model also the new name Moto Z instead of the former Moto X, which has been in use since 2013.

Since Lenovo did not mention a single word about Moto X-series at last week’s event, suggested that the manufacturer had chosen to drop the Moto X-series to replace it with the new Moto Z-series focusing on the new MotoMods-modules.

Motorola: Moto X series does not disappear

The sudden shift of the series name got site Android Police to contact Motorola to become smarter at what strategy is with the different series:

“Moto X is alive. Recently Moto X Force actually launched into several new markets around the world.Moto X and Moto Z shares some excellent qualities, but in the end gives the different experiences and makes our portfolio more resilient for consumers who are looking for the perfect smartphone to cover their needs. Tech-interested consumers who are looking for smartphones with more new experiences, will choose Moto Z and Moto Mods. “

It would therefore seem that X-Moto and Moto Z-series will continue side-by-side, where of course, concentrate on the new Moto Z-top model with the special rear modules. It’s hard to say at this time what place Moto X-series in the future get in Motorola’s portfolio, since the cheaper smartphones already covered well in with the series Moto G and Moto E.

Perhaps assesses Motorola that there will continue to be a place for a ‘normal’ Moto X-top model without the ability to connect the new modules, which will be the Moto Z-series ‘ selling point. One thing at least is certain: Moto X series does not disappear just provisional, as it otherwise would seem to indicate at the beginning.


Tricks to Enhance Small Chest

We are many who do not have an excessively large chest, and many more directly we have practically chest. Some opted for cosmetic surgery and many others, by simply assuming the chest and we occasionally want to enhance it and make the best of it.

For all we opted to get most out of the natural breast, however small, we have created this post. Girls, This is for yourselves! 😉

Know ye Leslie Lawson ? Well, this girl was the first major international model of history, Or at least we have the proof! It became an international icon of the second half of the 60s and was and is popularly known by the name “Twiggy” . And why we tell you this? Because he managed to become the first supermodel in history to have a very very very small chest. So, to have a small chest does not involve more than a simple task when trying to enhance it as for it, and are we to facilitaros the necessary tricks to show off a chest and a beautiful neckline :)

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Each Breast Size with a Different Bra

Reducing bras , bras Push Up , Double Push Up or even Triple Push Up ! No matter the breast size you have. This Christmas you have to seduce or yes with your underwear. So we show a type of fastener, for each type of breast.

As you can see, each fastener will have a (valid for any of the products in its category) different code  to redeem in the shopping cart of our site, in the process.  Take advantage because this 10% discount only lasts 48 hours ! And remember that the stock is limited. If you have questions or need like some advice, just call us at 96666 December 60 , we will be happy to help and see what bra is best suited for you.

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iPhone 7 Gets the Color Deep Blue Instead of Space Grey

Apple stands to scrap the well-known color ‘space grey’ in the upcoming iPhone 7. Instead, you can look forward to ‘deep blue’, sounds new rumor.

Since iPhone 5s, which have 2.5 years old, Apple has offered color ‘ space grey ‘-in other words an ordinary gray color. iPhone 6s Plus may, however, may very well be the last iPhone with the color.

The Japanese website macotakara has reliable, according to ‘Chinese suppliers’ heard reports that Apple switch space grey out with the color deep blue. The three remaining colors, silver, gold, and rosaguld, which in turn will not be changed by the sounds it.

Already there are rather small differences in nuance between the color silver and space grey on Apple’s products, so it is probably not entirely unlikely that Apple takes on a new and fresh color-perhaps inspired from the blue color, which Apple introduced with the colorful iPod touch last year. Continue reading  

Is Good Sleep with Bra?

This post is dedicated to all those women who have doubts at bedtime with or without a bra. They do not know what to do because they doubt whether sleep with bra can be beneficial to your chest or on the contrary, harmful.

To all of you, that you write to our mail so that you can help and advise and for those that also you need it , we write this post. We hope to help :)

Who should sleep with bra?

Buxom women MUST sleep with bra. It is highly recommended for several reasons:

  • Bythe elasticity of the breast . The skin will be affected. If the chest is not subject and “dance” while you sleep, contribute to stretch marks are formed by the movement of it.

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Why do You Need a Good Sports Bra?

Today we want to tell you some important things related to breast care and especially if you play a sport that causes breast bounce.

Why is it so important to use a good sports bra?

Sport is a great burden on the chest. When we run the chest moves at each step about 9 cm. – Calculated in a race of 1000 meters this means 84 meters movement.

A functional sports bra Anita active shapes, subject and surrounds the chest, so that it does not move at all. In voluminous breasts it is essential to use garments with functional characteristics.

It is important that during the practice of sport not just any bra is used, this unfortunately is unknown to many women. Only about 15% use a special sports bra.

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Apple Will Launch iMessage for Android at WWDC

Apple will launch the popular iMessage app for Android smartphones at the upcoming WWDC event, according to sources close to the California-based it giant.

Apple has for many years been lengths ahead of archrival Google when it comes to providing a complete service to chat with friends across all Apple products. Special function with the iMessage-messages automatically converted to text messages, if the recipient does not use iMessage, makes messaging service smart.

IMessage has also been an important selling point for choosing an iPhone or iOS product rather than Android or Windows Phone/10 Mobile, because the desire to keep the contact with other iMessage nemmee users have kept many back into Apple’s ecosystem.
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Primadonna Fasteners Gear

Finally, we are pleased to present the New Collection Autumn Winter 2015 Primadonna.

Primadonna bets on new models, which make some sets of underwear for breast outsize really gorgeous and adapted to suit any woman. Also, it presents new colors of the models season after season, still with us, as the Madison model or model Deauville, a classic that can not miss Never!

What is your favorite bra? :)

Series Aria – Primadonna

This new series will like more than one, but why not tell all! You will not know which color to choose from the two. A Reducer bra ideal for a special or just to feel beautiful inside always occasion.

Its fine embroidery with bright accents and suspenders decorated with sparkling Swarovski make it special.

Like any reduction Primadonna bra, this bra will wrap chest even by the side, feeling always collected and secured.

Choose between purple and green or color, select the two :)

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Tips for Keeping a Firm Chest

Did you know that breast is one of the most delicate areas of the body that we women?

There are many reasons that make us go chest deteriorating and falling over time. Pregnancy and lactation, the same weight of this or age, are the most significant reasons and for which we interfere with the aesthetic beauty of it.

A good exercise focused on the chest, the cold we can apply (shower more cold than hot water), some moisturizers chest or avoid crash diets not contribute to premature sagging these are some of the tricks and basic exercises to maintain a strong and strengthened chest. But, so what happens if we use a quality bra to keep the firm chest?

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Apple Event on Monday-This Can You Expect

When Apple on Monday holds WWDC event, we can expect more news from the manufacturer. Here is what you can look forward to.

On Monday at noon. 19 Danish Time initiates WWDC developer fair, we can look forward to many of the year’s news to the Apple camp.

Nothing is official yet, but know that summarize recent månedets rumors and news-fragments can form a picture of what we can expect.

Since that WWDC is a Conference for developers, will the news as expected circles around Apple’s software universe, where both iOS and OS X are facing some profound overtaking. Continue reading  

7 Advantages of Wireless Bra

It seems that are fashionable bras rimless. Salen ads everywhere and every time there are more and more models. The question is, is it just a fashion or really that are advantageous to the woman ‘s chest?

We think to wear a bra rimless has certain advantages that a bra with underwire does not get to have. In the post this week we have 7 benefits when wearing a good bra without rims:

1) The unwired bra will make you feel more comfortable and light when going to work and move throughout the day.

2) When not wearing rings, these will not be nailed in the contour of the back or below the chest.

3) Wear unwired bra quality is like to feel that not wearing a bra.

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Menopause and Sexual Life

The menopause is a time of change and for most women a difficult life stage that poses many uncertainties, discomforts and lack of sexual desire. This can make entering a stage in which it is low mood and feel misunderstood in many cases.


Many factors and changes happens when the woman reaches this stage of life they may not want to do many things, including having sexual relations.

Hormonal changes, estrogen deficiency that occurs at menopause, thinning of the tissues of the vaginal walls, vaginal dryness , which causes irritation and hot flashes and sweats are enough reasons for sexual contacts become painful and increasingly spaced. If these symptoms, we add irritability and insecurity, we have a set of circumstances that keep women from sexual desire.

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Google Gives Android N Name Ahead of Time

Google’s forthcoming Android 7.0 gets its official name in a few weeks, according to the official message.

At Google, the candy mouths when it comes to baptize their Android versions. With names such as Lollipop, Ice Cream sandwiches and Marshmallow are the sweets the focal point when it comes to naming.

Next Android version live today under the code name ‘Android N’, internally called ‘New York Cheesecake’, but stands soon to get its official name. It informs the company itself in a tweet. Here it sounds that the veil will be lifted on just a few weeks.

Users have in recent months been able to propose names for the new operating system, and in a few weeks will name so determined. Continue reading