#ShareTheLoad: Ariel Campaign in India to Educate Men about Their Role in Home Care

A campaign that encourages men to engage in household chores and share responsibilities has become a trending topic on the India with more than three million of viewings. The reason of its success? A spot full of empathy and emotional that engages and which reconciles us with the previous generation: that of already mature men who face the change of the role of women in society. Continue reading  

Beware, Your Future Boss Is Watching What You Do on The Networks

Companies claim to consult social networks of their (futures, especially) employees. To start: recognize that you are going to gossip is ugly, very ugly. But I read that this will seriously and ask me what, how, when and why while another line I start to castrate my Facebook make me anonymous on Twitter, to privatize my Instagram and obviously, fulminating my profile of Tinder. I what I know. Now I’m afraid. Continue reading  

Ideas For Vintage-Style Salons

When we decorate a living room always we seek comfort, charm, quality and attributes that can be found in vintage style, that fashion has become in recent times. The halls of this style enrich the beauty and history of the old pieces with avant-garde and modern accessories, combination ideal to recreate a cozy and unique environments. Continue reading  

We Are Still Collecting Less That They (Is a Fact), But How Much Less and Why?

Up to 25% less for the same job. The statistics do not lie, but they can be confused. The latest annual survey of wage structure that collects report work, collect as elaborated by UGT shows us that equality continues to be more far from what we would like to. But it is not so easy to explain it, not everything is as black. Our first intention was to make a calculation of the percentage difference in different sectors between men and women, to give you an idea of how much they earn more each month. But we found a great complexity. If you were a man, you would not win more, work somewhere else or you have improved your otherwise very different conditions. Continue reading  

Micromachismos: The Other Feminist Struggle That We Need a Better Vaccine

What machismo is still latent in our society, unfortunately, is something that almost no one dares to deny. The gender-based violence or the wage differentials between men and women are, perhaps, the most flagrant examples. We recognize them and the vast majority of ordinary people, men and women, We reject those behaviors. But, what happens with the? micromachismos? Continue reading  

Men Worry about Both Look like to Us? We Wonder What They Say The Latest Studies

We live in a society obsessed with appearance and aesthetic perfection, but?affects more if you’re a woman? We pressed and, consequently, are more obsessed? A study conducted by the journal Body Image has come to the conclusion that each time its appearance worries men more and more and there are fewer differences. But the pressure is still different for boys and girls. Continue reading  

What We Do with Children and Screens? This Is What The Experts Say

It is Thursday night, is approaching the end of the week, everyone is tired, rain (or has done lot of heat) and children have not been able to go out, so they are already two hours playing with the tablet. In other words, it is the time of day when you feel every modern parent guilty. Continue reading  

10 Emotional Phases of a Moving

At the end of the last move that had done, I removed two boxes that would never come to place and I sat on the floor. I relied on the wall where to go sofa which still did not have and put God to witness that would never make a move with my own hands. Something should fail in the transmission of the message because just yesterday I finished with my last move. Continue reading  

We Feel That The Technology of Past Was Coming to Save Us to Check That We Can No More with Her

I adored my mobile. It gave me a freedom that had never before experienced, allowed me to work from anywhere, be quickly and efficiently, and solve problems in a snap. Until I realized that I live attached to it, most stressed that never and to work more hours than I’ve worked in my life and Unable to disconnect. And what is worse: the last studies suggest that stress elevates and lowers productivity. Continue reading  

Loudspeakers Dynaudio Contour S R

Blessed with an abundance that you normally never would trust to such small boxes, revealed the Dynaudio contour S R (2000 euros the pair) despite their gentle nature lots of details.

  1. Loudspeakers Dynaudio contour S R
  2. Data sheet

The Dynaudio sends their beautiful contour S R in the race. The smallest model of the middle of currently five series wears same tweeter trimmed on signal integrity as its larger sibling, also the significant processing in real wood or Matt lacquer is the same. Continue reading  

Linn Majik 109 Loudspeaker

Sound included the Majik 109 by Linn (1200 euros the pair) compact to the few, which close on the wall clearly better tinged as free-standing, all strikingly lively and smudge-free.

  1. Linn Majik 109 loudspeaker
  2. Data sheet

The brand new Majik 109 of the Scottish business Linn has some properties that support the user in a middle wall installation.

So their vote dispenses with the usual increase in the upper bass range in favour of depth and accuracy. Also sets the 109 on a comparatively lavish volume, as well as a bass reflex system with front outlet. Continue reading  

Blue-Ray Player Denon DVD 3800 BD

The Blu-ray player DVD boasts a pleasant homogeneous image 3800 BD (2000 euros) from Denon and plays popular compressed audio formats.

  1. Blue-ray player Denon DVD 3800 BD
  2. Data sheet

The Denon DVD 3800 BD sees only from known front as the transport BD drive DVD 2500 BT (issue 09/08). A look at the back this is confirmed, more on it as only a lone HDMI socket, on the contrary: in addition to the S/P-DIF digital connections, it offers all types of analog video signal with dual component outputs, this double Audio-Outs. Double, because there is still a complete octet for the surround output in addition to the precision-controlled, gold-plated stereo jacks. The rest of the facilities, so the actual drive and the decoder, again same Spartan’s brother. Continue reading  

Blu-Ray Player Sony BDP S 5000 ES

Sony’s Blu-ray player BDP S trumps 5000 ES (1800 euros) with an exemplary quick start function and a virtually inaudible noise.

  1. Blu-ray player Sony BDP S 5000 ES
  2. Data sheet

Sony’s ES series offered has always been something special devices, and Sony’s engineers were in the past often interesting new ways as a lateral thinker. In this case, use it for the current player in the hotel’s own PlayStation 3 and use the menu structure. “XrossMediaBar” is called the first unusual horizontally-oriented menu structure that is to handle quickly and clearly. Continue reading  

Seecode Vision

Recently, Lake Code drew attention with an exceptional hands-free attachment to – with the Vossor PhoneBook, which is attached to the rear-view mirror and thus very easy to operate. With the vision for 99 euros, Seecode goes one step further in the direction of user friendliness. Tested the device with a Sony Ericsson W890i.

  1. Seecode vision
  2. Data sheet

The car kit has a high-contrast display displays a booking phone, the field strength and the battery. At first glance one might assume smooth Lake codes newcomer was a senior cell phone or even a TV remote control. However, the exemplary big buttons allow very easy and fast operation, what benefit above all the driving safety. Continue reading  

Sony Ericsson HCB-108

More and more cell phone manufacturers are behind it: it is not enough that they build only good phones, they should deliver even ordinary accessories – for example hands-free devices. Sony Ericsson has a little experience with car kits what one certainly notices the plug – and – play Handsfree HCB – 108 for 59 euros. It was tested with the Sony Ericsson W890i.

  1. Sony Ericsson HCB-108
  2. Data sheet

The slim system is intended for mounting on the sun visor. There is optimally placed and don’t mind how it can ever happen when fitting to the windscreen or in the Cup (switch!). Continue reading  

Supertooth One

While the IT world in style fever, include plug &-play handsfree not always to the most stylish devices. The Supertooth one (59 euros) from black High gloss art on the other hand presents sporty and elegant at the same time. The car kit with the Sony Ericsson W890i was tested.

  1. Supertooth one
  2. Data sheet

Thanks to supplied bracket clip this car-kit conveniently on the sun visor mount and sits as a result in optimum proximity to the driver. Unfortunately you must take a stray cable in buying solutions at sun screens -to load. Continue reading  

Sony Ericsson HBH-PV715

The Sony Ericsson HBH-PV715 (39 Euro) appears almost unobtrusively and restrained. Coupled with the Nokia 6300, the stylish model achieves the phenomenal around 1000 hours standby time! Here the test with the Nokia 6300.

  1. Sony Ericsson HBH-PV715
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

With the W890i from their own home, the battery lasts surprisingly only half as long – but still long enough, to a “superior” (!) dusting off. The sleek headset sits securely in your ear and can withstand even sweeping movements. Continue reading  

Funkwerk Dabendorf ego Cup FM

The word “Cup” in name of Funkwerk Dabendorf ego Cup FM (84 euro) it indicates: this plug &-play hands-free kit will find their place in the Cup holder of the car. The car kit with the Sony Ericsson W890i was tested.

  1. Funkwerk Dabendorf ego Cup FM
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Therefore, a mounting adapter for the Cup holders, but also a judge system adapter, allows you attach the handsfree, for example, on the windshield is located in the carton. However, an additional suction is necessary for this variant. Continue reading  

Sony Ericsson HBH-PV715 in the Test

The Sony Ericsson HBH-PV715 (39 Euro) appears almost unobtrusively and restrained. Coupled with the Nokia 6300, the stylish model achieves the phenomenal around 1000 hours standby time! However the test with the Sony Ericsson W890i.

  1. Sony Ericsson HBH-PV715 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The Sonsy Ericsson HBH-PV715 headset for us in the test:

With the W890i from their own home, the battery lasts surprisingly only half as long – but still long enough, to a “Superior” to dust. The sleek headset sits securely on the ear and can withstand even sweeping movements. Continue reading  

Plantronics Explorer 360A

Thanks to flexible joint mechanism and in-ear use, the Plantronics Explorer 360A (50 euro) bombproof sits on the ear, even at a Rodeo-ride would tilt the part probably not from the ear. Here the test report with the Nokia 6300.

  1. Plantronics Explorer 360A
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

However, it is not uncomfortable even after extended wear. Practically: Plantronics grabs a car charger cigarette lighter with this if there’s even more to say and you about nine hours operating time are insufficient. The housing is clean, although somewhat stupid. Continue reading  

Spell Up, Improves Your English with The Play of Words and Experiment in Google Chrome

The team of Chrome launches your web browser to a new experiment we to improve our English. It is of Spell Up , a play on words in HTML5 which uses the API available for mobile devices and computers, voice recognition.

In Spell Up We must correctly spell the words that tell us to create the highest Tower possible. When higher Tower more difficult will be the words to spell. No levels and achievements in this game will be missing experiment of Chrome that has been developed by teachers and game designers to convert Spell Up in a educational and fun game. Continue reading