Flight Jackets for Men

A term which is constantly recurs but often occupied only inaccurate in life. Who never thought about it, could understand it as a collective term for all jackets that do not define themselves by their own characteristics with naming. So it is not.

The jacket is a clearly localized manifestation of outerwear for outdoors. What a blouson men’s exactly-namely on the sleeves and at the bottom end with elastic cuffs hemmed jacket-you should at least know. Especially where no name protection exists, it always comes back to mistakes.

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NIXIE: Drone That Follows You Everywhere

NIXIE is the amalgamation of three hot concepts: action cams, drones and wearables. And it gives actually makes sense.

Would you like to perpetuate your most recent adventures without having the camera team with, or would you just taking a selfie from more than an arm’s length, the Nixie-drone assist.

NIXIE combines for both camera and drone in a microscopic format which can easily be attached to the wrist-as a wearable.

When it is folded on the wrist fills it no more than a smartwatch, but folded it out, can the micro-drone light, turn towards the user and filming your latest adventure at a distance. Drone can also remotely from your phone and search back for grabbing distance, like a futuristic boomerang. Continue reading  

Spring Summer Leather Jackets

No sooner is the winter finally over, curls spring and summer not only with lots of sunshine and balmy barbecues outdoors, but also with a lot of new fashion trends and style ideas. One of these trends for the spring and summer of this year leather jackets. Because almost no other garment is as versatile as the leather jacket. This makes them an absolute must-have for this season. Whether one digs the old favorite part out of the cupboard or draws attention to the search for a new model, remains entirely up to your own taste. Because of the style classic leather jacket reads: Everything goes, nothing has.

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How to Clean Tennis Shoes


The tennis shoes are probably the most comfortable footwear available. They’re also very versatile adapts easily to a large number of outfit. Using them on a daily basis, however, the white rubber shoes are likely inevitably become soiled by making them really ugly to see. Fortunately, there are simple and effective methods to resolve the problem. Let’s see together how to clean your sneakers to let her return to shine.

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4-Port Hub USB 3.0 Super Speed

USB 3.0 hubs there are so few in the market but a hub with USB OTG function and normal USB is quite a special feature.

The Ugreen USB 3.0 HUB has 4 USB 3.0 ports of which three are on the front and one on the top.

At the other end of the stroke, the approximately 80cm long cable that is a bit short for use on the desktop is but for the use of the tablet / notebook has an optimal length.

In addition, there is an optional connection for a 5V power supply on the back, which is not included.

In addition to the usual USB 3.0 port is also a Micro USB 3.0 port on the device. This port is admittedly somewhat but especially for someone of a Samsung Note 3 and Note Pro his own calls quite practical.

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Different Colors of Amber Necklaces

In the action Colorful I have you in brown October my amber necklace shown with earrings, a ring you know from the yellow August . In the article I mentioned that I would like to have even a matching bracelet. This has come in November to me. How I like yellow to blue, I have the items Honey Blue shown before. This bracelet that works well with jeans.

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Women’s Long Sleeve Hooded Coat Cardigans Trench Sweater

After the seventh Earl of Cardigan, to isolate the form invented elongated jacket buttoned. Then the clothes were only men, but women then adapt them to your wardrobe: these clothes so loved by the ladies, they begin to sew, knit vests and change the style beyond recognition.

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Affordable Leather Jackets

The average range is up to 800 euros: it’s actually a little surprising but remember: a good leather, it’s expensive.

Chevignon (thank you Michael UN and NATO)

A good basic and unadorned leather with entry level around 250/300 euros in balance I would stay in the safe bets and staying away hoods and other padded structures. Just stick you in the B-Easy, B and B-Ever-Player. They are particularly suited to small sizes.

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ASUS MemoPad 7: Cheap, Fast, Good [Test]

Review: Asus will with their smallest MemoPad 7 show how bang for their buck looks.

The Taiwanese electronics giant is becoming well versed in the electronic world, and is probably best known for its poplære Ultrabooks.

Likewise, they have also created tablets and phones and phones in tablets.

At the time, had the popular Asus transformer-line, who diligently was thrown words of praise after of Android enthusiasts. Even better, it was, as they helped to produce both the first and second generation of Google’s own Nexus 7. A great tablet for small money. Continue reading  

Cheap Fashionable Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are still in vogue. Who has one, would like to have several leather jackets, because they are quickly becoming the favorite. So it is not surprising if one bears even more than 10 years. Actually, they are also a handy tool-that accompany a more than just a fashion season long through life. Leather jackets are wonderful robust. Do you do with all the adventure of life and when the first signs of age come, they look even more interesting from! Old leather jackets must not enter into the clothing collection, it pays to pick it up, because most fashion cuts come once again. Who wants to be sure and always dressed top modisch putting on a biker jacket!

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Pebble Smartwatches

Pebble Time already updated in record time, just a few days from the first available already prepared on the official website. For a few hours was made available a new firmware update for the smartwatch hotels as well as a new version of the Android application.

The new firmware brings a number of interesting additions, including a new setting for the backlight, font sizes and support for more music players. Here in detail all the news:

  • New backlight settings: you can adjust the intensity and duration of the timeout.
  • New font settings: you can now adjust the font size displayed in the notifications, layout and other areas of the system.
  • New vibration settings: you can adjust the intensity of vibration for notifications, incoming calls, alerts, etc.
  • Music (Android): Added support to a larger number of music players (such as Pandora, Spotify, Songza), better display of metadata, improved detection of play/pause status, separated into two distinct icons.
  • Notifications: improvements and fixes that improve receiving notifications.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Simple Fashion Tips for Ladies

Actually, the compilation is derellung wardrobe simple if it has the right basics in closet and knows how this combines perfectly.

Today I want to give you a brief overview of the most important basics that should have every style-conscious woman’s wardrobe.

With the right basics you are always perfectly dressed and will act skillfully. Basics can be combined always wonderful and with the right accessories which are the outfits for every occasion differently.

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Different Types of Jackets for Ladies

The main item in your wardrobe for a woman is a company jacket. It is absolutely essential in a business or official meetings, and at a company meeting, or even to walk around the city or relax with colleagues jacket will come in handy.Business woman wearing a jacket in summer and winter, and in the offseason. For some women and men, the image of a woman in a jacket in conjunction with Prokofyevna Ludmila Kalugin of the famous painting Eldar Ryazanov’s “Office Romance”. However, the old “Soviet” stereotype too long left in the past. Business woman with exquisite tailoring and an original model of a modern jacket can see this lady: elegant, stylish and irresistible.

Let’s look at what that prepared her Majesty the fashion woman of business in 2014. So, women’s jackets in spring 2014

If you have noticed over the past few years, designers don’t like to stick to a certain style when you create the one or other details in the clothes. They draw ideas from different eras of fashion and styles. This also applies to

For female jackets in 2014. Although the colors of the female jackets 2014 varied, however the primary colors, that is, classic black, white and gray-is found in almost all collections. But is the distinctive feature of these jackets the original cut.

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Overview: Big Test of Small Topmobiler from Sony and Samsung, iPhone 6 Records and Controversies

Here you can get a quick and easy overview of some of the biggest stories from the week that was.

Our site has had his fingers in two of the best Android phones in pocket-friendly format. Read full reviews including:

Review: craftsman, athlete or ballerina? Whoever you are, you get great experiences with Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

Review: Samsung is on charm offensive with Galaxy Alpha. The new serial seducer with beautiful shapes, powerful internal and noble materials. Continue reading  

How to Get 80s Hair and Makeup

What most characterizes the world of make-up in the 80’s are definitely the super fluorescent colors and blush marked. But how can you get a perfect makeup inspired just this decade so pop? Follow our advice and be able to play a make-up perfect for the ’80s!

The 80s were the years of the action TV series such as’ “A-Team” and “Knight Rider,” the revolutionary movies like “Roger Rabbit” and those who have made ​​us shed countless tears as “Dead Poets Society “. In the world of music raged foreign groups such as Pink Floyd and Police and the kings / queens of pop music Madonna and Michael Jackson put the foundations of unforgettable songs. Even games underwent changes and thus were born the world of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Finally, even  the world of make-up  he faced a turning point and nude colors such as black, brown and bronze seventies passes to a thousand eccentric neon colors and typical electrical eighties. These years are therefore characterized by color, color and more color!

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Samsung Gear S2 Watches

Samsung announced last week its new Gear S2. Have not been declared being launched, however, according to information from reliable sources, prices will be of € 349 Gear S2 andS2 for 379 Gear classic. The version with 3 g networks support will not be sold in Italy.

Gear S2 has a Circular display Super AMOLED by 1.2 inches with a resolution of 360×360 pixels (302ppi), a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of built in memory, NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1. 250mAh battery lithium (300mAh on 3 g version) offers two to three days of use and has wireless charging. Continue reading  

Summer Bikini Trends 2016

Summertime is bathing time, beaches are filling up and water parks are a meeting place for water lovers. Until the start of the bathing time bring women in particular her body in shape in order to make a good impression in bikini. The bikini sets its wearer visually in scene – in 2016 show women original and new from the Bikini World. Attractive appearance is the reason why most women shape their bodies. Slim waist, taut legs and firm buttocks belong to the ideal of beauty and make the woman in swimwear eyecatcher. A beautiful body wants to emphasize the matching bikini fits like a second skin and looks like for the wearer made.

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Black Leather Jacket

The black jacket is definitely the centerpiece of your wardrobe. Whether a black leather jacket for woman or a black leather jacket for man, sober clothes, stylish and fashionable suits all styles. The black jacket allows you to invest in a garment that will follow you for many years, and this, for your pleasure! The leather is easily carried on all occasions; whether at the office with a shirt, with a weekend-shirt, summer late evening or over a sweater in the winter… the combinations are endless. Not to mention that the black color blends both in the wardrobe of women in the male wardrobe.

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TomTom Launches New Watch Specifically for Golfers

With data from over 34,000 golf courses in the world is TomTom’s new clock a dream come true for any golfer.

Since the Ryder Cup has just kicked off, the TomTom can hardly find a more reasonable time to launch their latest wearable, namely a watch designed specifically for the world’s golfers and which for that reason has been given the name TomTom Golfer.

Agency provides data for more than 34,000 golf courses all over the world, have built-in GPS and is naturally water resistant. As long as the course you play on is a part of the 34,000, can clock keep track of distance, performance and time for each hole. It can also give you detailed information about green-areas so you potentially can totally avoid ports in unfortunate situations in various bunkers all around.

The clock can be pre-ordered for 200 pounds (~ 1900,-Danish kroner) already now, both black and white strap model is expected to be shipped within 30 days.

How to Choose a Leather Jacket

Fashion scarves are not only protected from the cold in the chilly weather, but they are also beautiful accessories to decorate a garment including leather yake. Dizaynerite offer many opportunities for women of fashion scarves.


  1. If you bought a leather jacket, but you can see that the image does not seem complete, you can help scarves made of different materiali. Imayte into account the fact that leather jacket more appropriate model of lightweight materials, knitted scarves only do heavy image.

2. If you want to grab a leather jacket scarf decorated with embroidery, sequins or fringe long, then you should be well thought out way to not look vkus. Po dark leather jacket, it is desirable to pick up bright accessories, the same goes for shala. V this case, if you wear a jacket unbuttoned, you can choose surround scarf.

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Retro Style Interior Design

Retro style in the interior of diverse and interesting. In contrast to the vintage style, is a pastiche of popular and everyday styles. When they say “retro”, it often implies a period of 50-70-ies of the 20 century. To create a retro style on their own, you can resort to an interesting and bold ideas that do not require you a lot of financial costs.

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