What to Wear for a Trip by Plane

Getting ready for the holidays? Which one of you is about to leave for vacation, will certainly have already prepared your luggage, it will have slipped pack bikinis and sarongs and will have carefully selected the beauty products to take with you, but it remains one last thing to do before you leave: choose what to wear on the trip. You typically how you dress when you face a plane trip? You want to be fashion at all costs, or prefer to opt for simple and comfortable look?

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5 Things I Love About Winter # Diywinterlook

If, like me, you hate the cold, the leaden sky, darkness surrounds you at 5, the layers of garments that increase dramatically the time it takes to dressing… now that summer is a distant memory, need to take quick and effective countermeasures.

And so… Since Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have, I have thought about that a lot, but in the end I was able to find 5 things I love about winter:

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Test: Nokia N96

Nokia fans will be cheering: the eagerly awaited flagship N96 also in Germany is finally available. Resting on its advance praise can’t do it himself but, because we have of course immediately ordered the good piece in the test lab.

Nokia fans will be cheering: the eagerly awaited flagship N96 also in Germany is finally available. Resting on its advance praise can’t do it himself but, because we have of course immediately ordered the good piece in the test lab.

On self-consciousness, lacks is not the N96 anyway. The clear design is the art cars to shame, but also at the awards, he goes to the full: 699 euros without a contract – a potential buyer must have only once on the high edge. Continue reading  

Our Site Go 740 Live in the Test

Our site is a phenomenon. Although Dutch GPS maker did not invent the mobile navigation, but he did go popular and successful this device type with the first our site in 2004. Live the go 740 a large family of our site which is latest addition to exists today.

  1. Our site Go 740 live in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The go is the most efficient way to use the new Live services together with the traffic service HD traffic currently 740 live. This a GSM phone with soldered SIMcard is integrated into the device, which periodically connects to the Internet and the our site headquarters. Continue reading  

LG BL20 New Chocolate

The LG BL20 new chocolate must by no means a big brother of LG BL40 new chocolate hide behind. In this model, LG has placed much value on an appealing appearance and served up a mature Sliderhandy with touch sensor buttons.

  1. LG BL20 new chocolate
  2. Data sheet

The case presents itself in the closed as in the extended State exemplary vearbeitet; only the battery cover creaks a bit. The control panel with the bright red sensor keys sits below the screen.

The control through the menu works pleasantly well; the buttons provide clear feedback through a short vibration. Also the volume of ring tones and triggering the camera be reliably via touch-sensitive sensors at the side of the housing. Continue reading  

How to Choose Swimming Cap

Whether you swim for fun or for performance, the Cornelian dilemma cap port always arises. Some municipal pools have made mandatory, and the aerodynamic gain in water has forced competitive swimmers to wear to gain a few precious tenths. How then choose his cap among the crowd proposed to us? Let’s see how to find the hat for you.

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Blaupunkt TravelPilot 500

Just like its big brother TravelPilot 700, the TravelPilot 500 (499 euros) has a video camera which is filming the street and brings the image in the display on its back. There you can see then the down bending arrow on the video of the straight road.

  1. Blaupunkt TravelPilot 500
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

For some, it can be getting, because whenever any groundbreaking information will be shown in the video image, if one is to follow the route longer. Full facilities despite small swabs Anders as the 700 has receiver on board and no Office functions no DVB-T – the 500. It is also 100 euros of less. Continue reading  

Sony Ericsson Naite

The Naite will be environmentally friendly: with stromsparendem charger, small packaging and economical delivery.

  1. Sony Ericsson Naite
  2. Data sheet

The eco claim following Sony Ericsson saves the paper for instructions and packs them in digital form under “Settings/help” in the mobile phone menu, as well as a free download on the Web page. There’s also the synchronization software for Outlook and a plugin for Apple’s iSync software. As in all four test candidate lacks a data cable, a stereo headset is like at all. Continue reading  

What to wear for Beach

This summer 2015 will be colorful: fashion wakes with the Sun! Everything is allowed, so we took the opportunity. So, wearing this summer on the beach? There is not only the swimsuit that matters, but also the accessories and beach wear. Getting ready to be the most beautiful to go sunbathing and lounging at the edge of the water. Don’t worry, I’ll explain:

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Sunspels Riviera Polo

Last week, it was here on the Manolo very focus on spring finally arrived. The law of all things jävlighet, however, has led in all cases we on the West Coast received live with slopes and rain.How that haver so far away and we feel the winter continues, although scattered showers and cold, to focus on this spring. A brand that we have mentioned to and from here on the Manolo in recent years is English Sunspel. This brand is what you could call experts on basics of absolute top quality. The motto “less is more” has rarely been so well that when it comes to Sunspels clothes.

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T-Mobile G1

There is one who cares for you. She will help you and watching you closely so that she can better help you next time. And so it is not only in the workplace and at home with you, she gives you now have a mobile phone.

  1. T-Mobile G1
  2. Google mail account required
  3. The operating concept
  4. Handling and endurance
  5. Software and acoustics
  6. T-Mobile G1 & Gmail: Conclusion

Well, this is somewhat over the top with the Gratishandy, but the company Google bought the world of Android, the mobile operating system free of charge. So it should be possible manufacturers, without offering high software costs extensively-equipped mobile phones and PDA phones. Continue reading  

Sony Ericsson T707

With its sporty appearance, the classic black, high-pitched pink or bright turquoise-available Sony Ericsson T707 cuts a fine figure both your jogging pants and Tailcoat.

  1. Sony Ericsson T707
  2. Data sheet

Processing of mobile phones being advertised by the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova Sony Ericsson – has made some once – obvious effort by a slight creaking. The housing of the T707 features a slightly coarse resolution 128 x 36 pixels, monochrome external display, which is used to display the status; Thus the user even without the device is to expand over signal strength, time, battery capacity and inform messages received. Continue reading  

First Time Sauna Tips

Sauna newbies who want to visit a sauna for the first time, often do not know what they are doing have to observe everything. What do I have to take with me? And as so makes a sauna from anyway? We give you many useful tips for your first visit to the sauna.

I Am Packing My Bag …

Sets you already at home everything ready, what you need for the sauna. Take best a sports bag and grabs a following items:

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Sony Ericsson T715

The Middle slider Sony Ericsson T715 features a solid processed housing and HSPA as compact E-Mail phone.

  1. Sony Ericsson T715
  2. Data sheet

With the T715, Sony Ericsson has a compact and well processed slider in the program. The case of around 230 euro expensive mobile phone is made of brushed aluminum – available in silver or pink – and makes a significant impression.

Even with extended display convinces the slide with robust design; the two components snap sure. The number buttons offer a well-defined pressure point, even if the top row is something close to the lower edge of the display segment and are inconvenient to use the pushers as a result. Continue reading